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Apartment available to rent from mid-September 2015


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I just wanted to post here to find out if there was anyone looking to move to Melbourne who wanted to secure accommodation in advance - if there is, I'm planning to rent out my place from about mid-September 2015.

It's not listed as for rent yet, but this is the listing for when I bought it - http://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-vic-docklands-117287963 .The photos are a little outdated - the view from the balcony/lounge room is the same, but the view from the bedroom now shows the completed melbourne star wheel.

Rent for similar places in the area is between $530 and $580 a week, so I'd be looking for something within that range.

I'll still be living in the area (possibly in the same building even), the main reason I would like to rent it out is that it works out substantially better for me for tax purposes. Docklands is a lovely area which is about 2km from the centre of the Melbourne CBD, it has a nice quiet, peaceful vibe about it. The area is also within the free tram zone.

If you're interested then please get in touch via PM :) I think a key advantage would be that you'll be dealing with a landlord that understands what it's like to move country, and it can't hurt to at least have our country of origin in common!

If you'd like to view the place during an LSD beforehand then that's fine too.

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Stunning :) Great opportunity for someone coming over. Hope you find a lovely tenant!

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