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  1. Hunts

    Quantity Surveyor openings

    Hi everyone, I am a senior cost manager (quantity surveyor) currently based in Dubai but my family and I are moving to Melbourne in August. Does anyone have any contacts in Melbourne that I could get in touch with? I am able to move over before my family if required and we are all on 189 visas so working is not a problem. I know the usual websites like Seek however I am only starting to look for work and apply for jobs this week. If anyone is able to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  2. Hunts

    Our Australian Escapade

    After reading other people’s journals over the last few years I guess the time has come to write my own journal entry as we are less than 2 months away from moving to Melbourne on 189 visas. My family and I currently live in Dubai. My wife and I have lived here for almost 11 years and both of our kids were born here. Over the years we have become so accustomed to living without fear of crime. People leave their handbags in their trolleys in supermarkets, leave their cars running when they pop into a shop to keep the AC running etc. When we hear a noise at night it the last thing we
  3. Hi everyone! We recently received our 189 visas, flight tickets are booked to Melbourne in May. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where we can find a room to rent in the area it will be appreciated (it's just hubby and I with our suitcases)? Also, if anyone knows of any work in the area, we would be extremely grateful. Hubby has red seal trade for instrumentation and has been working in a petrochemical plant and coal mine the last couple of years, but willing to do any job really. We also don't mind moving to a more regional area (will go where ever
  4. We packed our bags and everything we owned. All things were a bit helter skelter and last minute and I cannot say well planned or properly thought through. We got on a plane on 26 November, landed in Melbourne midnight Sunday night. We stayed in a one bedroom flat on the fringes of the CDB for the first 12 days. I am glad we did that, because it made the city accessible. We spent the weekends exploring the city. Melbourne CBD is really great, my favourite part of the city. Having stayed in the city means we know the layout of the CBD and came to like it. I started working almost immedi
  5. JJDLmoving

    Home Bakery Rules & Laws

    Hi Everyone I am looking at starting to bake some desserts from home and selling them to restaurants / coffee shops in Melbourne. Does anyone have any idea of the laws & regulations around this? From both a commerce and health and safety viewpoint? Any pointers would be much appreciated. BTW: NOT IN MELBOURNE JUST YET - WILL BE THERE VERY SOON! Many thanks in advance!
  6. dlmonnink

    Moving In A Week - Things To Know

    Hi All So I officially leave SA this Sunday and arrive in Melbourne on Monday evening with my GF. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do or remember. We have friends picking us up from the airport and will be staying with them for roughly 2 weeks at which point my GF will be coming back to SA for a while. I plan to fetch my bank card ASAP and from there hopefully buy a car, sort out centrelink and medicare. Next I need to try secure a software development job. Any advice from personal experience and what to do and look out for will be greatly a
  7. Good day all. I have been offered a job in Bacchus Marsh but would like to live as close to Melbourne as possible and commute to work daily. I would therefor like to know what suburbs, I suppose western, would be good options for me? Obviously looking at proximity to a train station with a direct line to Bacchus. Safe suburbs are key as I hear there are youth gangs out in the west making an appearance. I was looking at Footscray. Can anybody offer any information surroundthing this suburb? Or others that might be appealing? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi everybody, I have compiled a shortlist (ha! it is only 34 suburbs short ) of suburb options. Please advise/criticise/comment/warn/advocate... Ok, just some background. I will be working in Melbourne CBD, so I compiled this list based on commute to the closest train station (Southern Cross) to my work, homely rankings, previous comments on the forum, and a number of other website rankings. It is me, hubby and two preschoolers, so schools are a factor. My company will be giving me an accommodation allowance for 4 weeks, so we want to make the most out of this time to check out al
  9. JJDLmoving


    HI Everyone Im coming to Melbourne in December. I would love to know if there are public pools like in SA. Here we pay R10 per workout in a pool. Is there something like this there? Also cheap monthly gym sessions? Many thanks.
  10. Yolandie


    Hi all Just joined the forum! I am an attorney and my hubbie is a plumber. We have two awesome kids who are 7 and 9. My sister in law is in Melbourne and after years of hard work and struggling just to get by, we decided we are ready to pack up and start again in a country where tradesmen are still appreciated and our kids have a future. Now that the mind shift is solid to start over in Oz, I am so excited yet frustrated and impatient to start our next chapter. My hubby is a plumber (main applicant on 189 visa) and doing his skill assessment in C
  11. Hi all, so a visit from family before Christmas fell through, but grandmother already made some small items for grandkids for Christmas. Anybody perhaps flying from OR Tambo to Melbourne sometime between now and Christmas with a little extra space in the luggage to bring a gift with? It would be VERY much appreciated
  12. Hello all. I have multiple questions and was not sure where to post. Some back story: I have been granted my 189 visa after a 2,5 year process. I have been to Australia in 2013 on vacation and have decided that Victoria would be a good place to start so I have booked a one way ticket that arrives in Melbourne early January 2018. ( I also have a friend close to Melbourne for support if things go south) Q1: I was wondering what would be the best RE accomodation in the city while I look for work and sort out the usual drivers licence and tax and bank accounts etc...AirBnB, Backp
  13. My experiences - hope this helps you and thanks to everyone that have helped me on the forum. We are now official permanent residents of Oz as of August 2017 (me, wife and kids (4&6yo)) We received our 189 in June and were given till august to activate. Our activation trip was 16 full days & 3 cities (Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane). We stayed at airbnb's in all cities. First tip - when renting a car (we used budget) it is $50 per day for insurance if you don't want to pay the $4500 excess if the car is in an accident (eina). This was not something we budgeted
  14. GenDemo

    Wolf Wanders

    I've been contemplating whether to write this 'blog' for quite a while now. This is not a story about how I find life in Australia, nor a story about life...but rather just odd little snippets and things I experience. I wanted to call this journal "backwards and forwards" because somethings, a lot of things, are so much better here. However, somethings are really backwards here. A part of this blog is food related, as we hear and speak to many South Africans that have moved to Auz, that "I can't find Mrs Balls Chutney!" or "The cheese here is not like Simonsberg"...some are true some are
  15. Hi there, So we are activating our PR visas in a few weeks with a whirlwind 4 day trip to Melbourne (1 day either side spent traveling). Yes, I know it is a little mad. Will be making the permanent move at the end of the year. Reasons for very short visit now are: 1. Daughter writing matric and her final exams end a week after our required entry date; 2. My husband and I both consult/ freelance, so basically earn R0 if we are not working. Trying to save as much as possible so taking more than a week not an option right now; 3. We got a great Qantas deal for flights, but mea
  16. BobSA

    Crossing the pond

    This forum has given me so much assistance and just reading about the experiences of others has helped me prepare for my journey and know what to do when I arrived. So I felt it only right to share my experience of crossing of the pond. After all the planning, waiting, stressing, good-byes and packing I have finally landed for my attempt at a new beginning in Strayaa! Melbourne to be specific… Where to start on this long journey- I guess many people can identify for the need to seek a better environment for family, kids and just general well-being whether your c
  17. Thestains

    Special needs schools

    Hi Forumites I've been browsing the forum for a while now & posted a comment or two to subjects that affect me. My challenge right now is trying to secure a special development school for my 17 year old son prior to us taking up our residence in July. Hubby & I have figured that a school has to be secured before we look for accommodation to ensure that we are in the school zone for successful enrollment. We have family in Sandhurst but decided that we'd prefer living closer to the city to fully experience the culture of Melbourne. Having said this, I've establ
  18. FromDurbs

    Kangaroos and Koalas

    For those of you would like to explore the quintessential Auzzi fauna and flora, these two lists might be useful: Places to see Kangaroos in the wild for free http://www.weekendnotes.com/9-places-to-see-kangaroos-in-the-wild-for-free-melbourne/ Places to see Koalas http://www.weekendnotes.com/9-places-to-see-koalas-in-the-wild/ Both lists are close to Melbourne, but the drive is sometimes in excess of 3 hours. It sounds like fun.
  19. dlmonnink

    1 Year In

    So yesterday was my one year mark of being here in Aus. Got a memory notification on FB with my status saying "Landed safe and sound in Aus" and the memories of that day came flooding back. It's been quite a ride, uneventful as it has been compared to many others and loving it. I've been extremely lucky all the way through and for that I am grateful. Luckily my GF had some friends staying here in Melbourne so we had a place to stay when we got here - that turned out to be 3 months long while I looked for a rental that could take pets. The day after landing I managed to
  20. We are about to book furnished accommodation (I'm surprised at how affordable one can find it) We are thinking of booking it for the first month but wonder whether we are over shooting a bit. From your experience; what is the average time it takes to find a long term rental? We are looking at Melbourne specifically. One quote was R16 000 for 2 weeks and R20 000 for a month, so it feels like a month makes much more sense than 2 weeks even if you don't stay the whole month. Also: is availability mostly from the 1st of the month? In which case it would be be
  21. Hi All We currently have various positions available across the world but I'll restrain this post to Australia and New Zealand only. If you go to the main search, you will also see jobs from Johannesburg, and about 43 other cities across the world including America, Asia, Europe etc Jobs will change over time, but these links should navigate you to what is currently available whenever you click on them. I'm not a recruiter, please do not contact me in this regard, follow the online application instructions. We do have an employee referral program whereb
  22. If you live in the Melbourne area and you haven't seen the event, go to "Events" "Victoria" Melbourne Picnic in the Park and see if you are interested in meeting other Melbournians in this relaxed social setting. It's a great opportunity to ask questions about suburbs, schools, grocery stores, public transport, banking....everything that other people might have done while settling in. Oh, and it's a picnic, so it should be fun
  23. We are planning on sending our household goods from Durban to Melbourne end of November. We estimate that we would send about 17m of stuff. I was told that if they can fill a container the stuff will arrive faster and apparently they look around at other companies as well to fill a container thus helping both. I am going with Cargopac (but could be persuaded to go with someone else). I was wondering whether anyone else has half a container going to Melbourne in Nov/Dec/Jan. Maybe we can tell the companies about each other and ensure that our loads go sooner.
  24. Hi I am in the process of moving to Melbourne. I picked it based on a really great job offer. After saying yes I discovered everyone saying how bad the weather is. I love some nice weather. Currently live in Durban and really, really like the weather. So please tell me, exactly how bad is Melbourne. Will I survive? Help.
  25. Due to the weather I think an indoor venue is our best bet for lunch, especially if their are kiddies. Below is a link to the website of the Hotel. We have been there before and found it to be quite acceptable. They have space for us, and there is an indoor playroom for the children. It is also easy to handle, you can sit down at the table, check the menu, then go to the counter to order what you would like, you pay for it at the same time, and they give you a buzzer, which will go off, for you to go and collect your meal. So no splitting of bills or anything. The bar is separate and they do n
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