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IT Security Job Opportunity Wanted


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Good day all,


Looking to start a life and future in the land down under! Potentially looking to emigrate to Brisbane, Australia or anywhere in Australia.


I would potentially like to find employment as a Junior level IT Security admin/Junior Penetration Tester.


Previous Employment history: I worked as a Document Controller for an International GmbH Engineering Company in Johannesburg, South Africa from 2008 - 2017.


I have the below qualifications:


CompTIA A+

Certified Network Defender (CNDv1)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv10)


I would also be willing to cover most costs involved to move to Australia, if I were to be offered Employment there.


Kindly please get in contact with me for a full CV.


Kind Regards,


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Hi and welcome to the forum.


I hate to break it to you, but I doubt whether you'd have any success with this approach. 

The main reason is that companies that sponsor visas get thousands of CV's from across the globe for each job listing they post.  

Sponsored jobs are therefore not common for junior positions as the company could just employ a local fresh out of uni without having to incur the cost of sponsoring somebody's emigration (as far as I know its a legal requirement for the sponsoring company to pay for the visa and associated costs). 


If you are eligible, my recommendation would be to try and get a permanent residency visa(189) which would allow you to live and work in Australia. 


Having said this, don't give up if you are serious about making the move!  You are in the right industry to get into any country you like.


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Good day ChrisH,


Thanks for the prompt reply.


I figured I was taking a long shot, but I am willing to try any and everything to get into Oz, the more research I can do, the better.


Thanks for the info, it makes perfect sense. I will try to get into Ireland as well, as they are a bit more lenient on South African's regarding Visa requirements.


Having said that, if I have no choice, I would need to try get some work experience in SA in the IT Security sector, then move to Australia once I have enough experience.




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@MrG88, I suggest as a first step have a look at the points system of the 189 Visa. That usually gives a person a clear indication if it is going to be possible or not. All the information is published, so no leniency required. If you have the points, they cannot refuse you. If you don't have the points you either need to pick a different Visa or a different country. 

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Hi vitchie,


Ok great, I will do so right away!


Thanks for the information. It is much appreciated!


Kind Regards,


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