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Found 16 results

  1. Good day all, Looking to start a life and future in the land down under! Potentially looking to emigrate to Brisbane, Australia or anywhere in Australia. I would potentially like to find employment as a Junior level IT Security admin/Junior Penetration Tester. Previous Employment history: I worked as a Document Controller for an International GmbH Engineering Company in Johannesburg, South Africa from 2008 - 2017. I have the below qualifications: CompTIA A+ Certified Network Defender (CNDv1) Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv10)
  2. KenMich

    Is having run your own business?

    Is having run your own business in South Africa and advantage when looking for a job in Aus? In the same field.
  3. KenMich

    IT Jobs in Adelaide

    I am in need of some job contacts in the Adelaide area and maybe some tips on catching the attention of some potential employers. I'm coming over on a 489 and have a wide variety of skills. Over the years I worked as a Unix System administrator, Network administrator, Assistant IT Manager and Project Manager before I started working for myself. I completed a MCSE on NT4 many years ago. I am Molex certified as well. My most recent skills involve Wireless point to point links and AP's. I have a lot of experience with the Ubiquiti and Tenda wireless products. I also have many years
  4. Peruvs72

    Mid 40's

    Hi I am new on here; just browsed through some threads and decided this would be a good place to find some answers. I am 44 years old and a father of a 14 year old girl. I was more keen to go to New Zealand as I have more family and friends there but the work opportunities seems more limited in the IT field. I live in a small town in the Eastern Cape and setup and maintain computers and networks for small businesses and private persons. In 2014 I enrolled for a Bcom (Business Informatics) degree at Unisa which I hope to finish the end of this year. My main reasons for leaving SA is 1.) my
  5. Hi All We currently have various positions available across the world but I'll restrain this post to Australia and New Zealand only. If you go to the main search, you will also see jobs from Johannesburg, and about 43 other cities across the world including America, Asia, Europe etc Jobs will change over time, but these links should navigate you to what is currently available whenever you click on them. I'm not a recruiter, please do not contact me in this regard, follow the online application instructions. We do have an employee referral program whereb
  6. Sassyninja

    IT Job Lead Time??

    Hi guys How long did it take you to find a job in IT? And where are you? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, How to get software automation testing jobs in Australia. I have more than 8 years of experience in software testing which includes manual and automation testing. how much is the demand for such skill in Australia. Please help Thanks,
  8. I am currently a Junior software developer in South Africa(1 year experience, 24 years old) with my Bsc. Computer science and Mathematics and Bsc(Hons) Mathematics from University of the Witwatersrand. I was just wondering how I go about looking for work in Australia, how to apply for those jobs, any tests I should take and how to get out of South Africa before it's too late. I have no debt to South Africa(still staying with folks), and no obligations to pay off before leaving. I'm currently also saving money, which I assume you need to have a certain amount saved in order to get a visa? any
  9. If you have recent up to date Oracle experience and you are willing to work as a contractor, then I know of a company that is urgently looking, for such a person. This is not a 457 work offer, you need to have PR and the client company is based in Melbourne, however, you would be working from home, but there may be the odd occasion where you may need to travel to client's office.
  10. Hi guys This is jumping the gun a bit, seeing as we've just started the ball rolling with our agent, and a part of me is almost too scared to ask, but what is the IT market like in Aus at the moment? My husband is a brilliant Project Manager (no bias here ), and we'll be applying for state sponsorship in Melbourne, but I'm concerned what would happen once we moved there. He's still technically strong, so he could always look for development work, but I have concerns that the entire market might be flat. If a state has an occupation on its sponsored list, does this mean there is a gap in the ma
  11. Hi All I have finally been able to secure a job in Mandurah and while the money is not great its a start and what I was doing in South Africa. I will be a systems engineer for a IT company in Mandurah. Mandurah is a beautiful place and if everything works according to plan it will be our home here in Australia. My wife will still be working in Morawa as a registered nurse but will start looking for a Job in Peel Health Campus or maybe even Rockinham district hospital. I have been out of a job for almost 6 months, and I have been to many companies and agencies for interviews. Its a very tough m
  12. Hi there Can anybody recommend good IT recruitment agencies to go and see in person in Melbourne and Sydney. I have been e-mailing some agencies but am getting no reply at all. I would like to visit them in person to get the process going. Thanks in advance.
  13. GideonVD

    I can likes to be having job!

    Yip. Not long after my wife, I too have now been offered a job as an IT consultant with UXC. The offer is way more than I expected. Feeling truly blessed.
  14. overview of key findings.doc I was asked to participate in a research survey conducted within the IT sector, "The Factors that Influence Employer Decision-m​aking" and thought some of you may find the results interesting Most of it pertains to Asian immigrants but there are some "tips" that us Saffers could use  
  15. HiSpeed

    PERTH -IT and Telecommunications

    Thanks for reading this post. When you arrive in a new country the first thing to get sorted is a viable Job or business opportunity. We arrived from South Africa in Auckland in 2006 and by 2009 it became impossible to secure acceptable employment . So we are looking at Perth as a better option . Just needing a heads up regarding best agencies and contacts in the IT and Telecommunications industry. Can also do real estate if the opportunity was available or a viable business opportunity. Would like to get an introduction into the business network in Perth. Best wishes for 2013
  16. They urgently need people for a contract that currently runs for 3 years from 1 July. Will need to be Australian citizens/permanent residents and achieve NV1 security vetting. · Teradata Support Specialist · Informatica Support Specialist · Cognos Support Analyst · Security Specialist · Storage Support Analyst · Identity & Access Management · PMO Analyst · DBA – Oracle · Performance Tester · SAS / ESSRI Support Specialist This is a great opportunity for those heading to / already in Canberra. If you are interested please send me a pm asap! Thanks a million!
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