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Are you coming to Perth soon?


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A short introduction to myself and why I am here.


I use to be a member of saaustralia.org many moons ago, (Frenchy - unable to reset password as e-mail does not exist anymore).

We came to Perth in 2008 and this forum was instrumental in enabling me to do all our Visas (a 457 and Pr136)  myself, organise a container, make the move and settle in.  I will be eternally grateful for the help we received here.


After about 4 years  I felt that I had moved on from the forum and left.


Australia has been very good to us. We love it here. To be honest I don't miss RSA, I miss my family.  


We are taking a early retirement/gap year and for a year or maybe more and we are planning to Caravan around Australia.  We own a lovely house in Lesmurdie/Kalamunda in the Perth hills and would like to rent it out, unfurnished, or furnished if you are coming over with only your suitcases.  We are pricing it below market rate as long as your references check out and you will look after the place. We do love our house and intend to move back. It would suit somebody trying to find their feet and that might work somewhere close to the Airport/Southern suburbs.  Our community is amazing and the schools are all very good. Just beware....you might fall in love with our community and decide to stay on. 


If you think you might be interested our house, please contact me via a message. I am trying to post in classifieds, but my rookie status is preventing me. 


Any questions welcome.


Kind Regards







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Frenchy is now back to being Frenchy! :ilikeit:

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