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  1. HeidiPatrick

    Importin a vehicle into Australia

    Hi All, I have a question which I know a few people have asked, but really need answers from only those who have successfully done this. We are over activating our PR VISA and have been looking at vehicles. We have a VW 4 motion long wheelbase Transproter crew bus in South Africa, which we ordered from new and it is just over a year old with a whole lot of ect’s we had fitted. We paid for our vehicle cash and it’s still has very low mileage and is in excellent condition. We looked at trying to get the same/similar vehicle here and there’s none that even come near to our ones configuration. The
  2. PerthGirl

    Are you coming to Perth soon?

    Hi, A short introduction to myself and why I am here. I use to be a member of saaustralia.org many moons ago, (Frenchy - unable to reset password as e-mail does not exist anymore). We came to Perth in 2008 and this forum was instrumental in enabling me to do all our Visas (a 457 and Pr136) myself, organise a container, make the move and settle in. I will be eternally grateful for the help we received here. After about 4 years I felt that I had moved on from the forum and left. Australia has been very good to us. We love it here. To be hon
  3. Hi All, So we had two suppliers meet with us today, Bidulphs and Pickfords. Thursday is AG Frasers and Stuttafords. It appears from today's review that a 40ft container is an imminent need. Can you please let me know your past experiences and who you found the most cost effective, but also good with service delivery and time keeping on arrival. What costs should we be aware of? What hidden costs should we be aware of? What risks should we be aware of? Your help once again would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi All, Could you please advise on what is needed in terms of getting a rental in Perth. What will the rental agents ask for in terms of paperwork? We will arrive ans stay with friends for the first few days, but need to get a rental almost immediately to accommodate the container arriving. We will likely not have employment yet, so not sure how that affects long term rentals, we intend to take a 6 month rental which will allow us time to confirm that we like the area and find our feet. Any advise would be appreciated.
  5. Hi All, So now the Visa is sorted. Undecided when to leave. Is it best to leave arrive in Aus (Perth) in November, December, January or February. Concerns, getting rental immediately, putting my three and a half year old into kindy/ school and getting everything registered (medicare, drivers, centrelink etc....) We want ideally arrive in December, but i want to be sure that even over this period that we can get things done, like the above and whatever else needs to be done, buying a car etc.....
  6. Hi guys We need to break lease due to our work circumstances changing. We have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom fully furnished pet friendly house for rent at $300 per week. The owners are asking $475 per week but we are willing to substitute the $300 with $175 to get them their $475 per week. The rent includes all utilities as well as garden services. The unit is the perfect house to start out in Perth to have something to go to on arrival whilst you wait for your container to arrive. It's close to public transport, shopping centres, schools a café strip and a short 2km cycle or walk to the beach.
  7. Hi We have a lovely family home for rent in Carramar. Quiet area close to all amenities and opposite lovely bushland. Available 1 July 2016 http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-carramar-418555590
  8. GandTash

    Finally Arrived !

    Hi all, After deciding to move to Oz in November 2014 we have finally arrived in Perth this past Monday, a big thanks to this forum for everyone's tips and help, we are currently staying in a small Airbnb apartment in Scarborough until we can find a permanent rental. I am sure we are in the honeymoon stage but so far Perth is amazing ! I thought I would break down some Pro's and Cons we have noticed over the few days we have been here, I know I liked seeing what other people described : Pro's : Its clean... very clean... everywhere ! Everywh
  9. Thought I would just share my experience with rentals so far. I landed late on Monday (18/1) and had already registered for a few viewings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had a 'this is us' pack printed and included character references, bank statements and id's. I got 3 of the 4 rentals I applied for ( all on Thursday!) and I didn't have to offer months up front, and I don't have a job. I did, however, have to show them that I had the funds to pay from my savings account. I did ask each agent about the option of putting money up front, but they all said they don't like it as it's more of a mana
  10. We are relocating to Perth from 1st January 2016 and I am looking for a rental for 6 months in Mullaloo Perth or surrounding areas close to St Marks Anglican Community School. 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 lockup garages Air cooling Rental $500 to $550 Does anyone know of someone that has a property like this or recommend an agent that can help. I'm in Perth 21st to 25th September and would like to meet to discuss with someone that can help.
  11. Right, guilty as charged, my wife and I have been trawling this forum since November last year when we made the official decision to emigrate to Oz and I have not made one post to introduce ourselves – decided its time now ! Firstly a big thanks for this forum, it is a huge source of info and very helpful for newbies like us. We have been discussing emigration to Oz for a few months last year but the birth of our son kick started the process and we officially started the application through Migrate2Oz at the end of Jan 2015, we are applying for 189 PR VISA through myself and so far I have got
  12. I just wanted to write this post to thank everyone on this forum from the bottom of my heart!! This is a fantastic support system for the big step of emigrating from SA to Australia. I was able to do the whole process, from start to approval etc all on my own, for myself, my husband and my son. Without everyone here, I'm not sure I would've succeeded. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  13. We have a 4bedroom house for rent in Currambine, Perth. The house is located approx. 50meters from Currambine train station, which is a 35min ride into Perth. 4 BedroomsDucted Reverse Cycle airconPatio2 Car GarageReticulated gardenRent is $510 per week. Currambine is so populated with ex-South Africans, we've got a biltong and meat deli down the road, and soon a spur will be opening close by. Great Public school within approx. 400m full of little Saffa's Attached some pictures Contact TJ
  14. Hi Firstly, am I right in saying that we will only be able to start job hunting from SA for jobs in Perth once we have our approved visas? I am applying for a subclass 189 visa and my husband and son will be included in my application. Will my husband also be able to start job hunting from SA once we have the visas or will only the main visa holder be able to apply for work? Some more information on us: I am a skilled (and skills assessed ) ICT Business Analyst My husband is skilled in hospitality and property management, but has been the "stay-at-home-dad" now for over a year, with some se
  15. Hi guys, I'm moving to perth in the new year and want to take my dog with. Is it worth going through an agent or is it better to do it yourself. Is there a big difference in price? Where can I find an Australian government approved vet in SA?
  16. Hi We have a house available for a family coming for LSD in Perth over the dates 11 Dec- 28 Jan if there is a family looking to come over for LSD. We have a small car available for use too. Let me know if you interested. We going on holiday to Port Elizabeth, so if anyone is interested in a house/car swop that would be ideal Kristen
  17. Hi, We're selling our Cape Dutch style dining table and chairs (there's 7 because the 8th one has seen better days). You can view the ad and contact us via Gumtree: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/jolimont/tables/dining-table-and-7-chairs-/1056574964?ref=ais We're asking $500 but we're willing to negotiate Thanks!
  18. Benita97

    Springbokke vs Wallabies

    Hello, weet julle waar die Bokke supporters saam gaan kom voor die rugby game? Ons het ge hoor Bok Town in Leederville is nie meer daar nie! - where are the Springbok fans gathering before the rugby game in Perth on Saturday as Bok Town is closed?
  19. DayLee

    Durban to Perth ETA August

    Hello all. My applicaition seems to have taken for ever. I'm still waiting for final approval of my 457 ... the nomination has been approved. Im sure Im not the first to be moving to a strange land without knowing anyone or even visiting first.....and to be doing it alone. Well not really alone.. I am bringing my furball with me. As a cat lover, i am stressing about finding somewhere to stay where pets are allowed thats not going to break the bank (specifically before my container arrives). Looking forward to exploring new territories
  20. Cranzy

    Golf this weekend?

    Hi, Anybody up for some golf this weekend? Was thinking Wembley course
  21. Hi all Can anyone help with / Give advice/ Suggestions please? I am a New Zealand citizen and employed in Perth. My partner is only a New Zealand Resident and we are trying to find him employment. The partnership visa will take a long time and we cannot afford to have him unemployed for months. Currently he drives semi's ( refridgerated ) in Auckland, has many types of heavy duty licences, not all converted in New Zealand. In South Africa he had his own bussiness installing kitchens for places like Builder's warehouse and Easy life kitchens.Not only doing Melamine ( MDF) but mostly solid wood
  22. Hi, can anyone tell me if the luggage trolleys at Perth airport have room for a toddler (I.e a seat). I am traveling with two toddlers, who fit in a double stroller. If the trolleys don't offer a seat,then my luggage options are limited (can't push stroller and suitcases). Tx
  23. Hiya forum folks. So on the 28th Feb we were dropped off at the airport by my father in law, luckily just a drop off, no-one stayed or came with us to wave goodbye. I have to say it was much harder to get on the plane than I expected. I honestly can't imagine how hard it must be to get on the plane knowing you are going for good, not just for a holiday. Anyway, we tried our best to get upgraded to 1st class due to flying on our 10th anniversary and so forth, and I will say she did check the system but then apologized and said the flight was completely full. Which it was - if there was one empt
  24. Hi all, joined this website a couple days ago simply because it has been torture keeping our immigration plans to ourselves. Leading this double life has not been easy...............we have not wanted to tell anyone until the visa's are 100% approved - which is why it is so exciting to be able to write on this forum Started the process in July 2012, applied through an agency for a state sponsorship visa (190), hubby had to write IELTS 3 times to get adequate points - he kept failing the listening section by .5 points - told him he had to prepare better by listening to me more at home Gath
  25. Good day, I can contact all the schools that I have in mind but in the meantime if you can tell me what happens about the 1-1 laptop policy in Perth. In Brisbane my sons school has decided evens Yr8 will get the new Acer tablets so imagine the dismay when we return them at the end of the year. We pay $250 per year which one should consider includes insurance and support/ after the 5 years you arent given the option of keeping them...they get reformated and given to charities. What happens in high Schools in WA?
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