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Visa application & adoption



Hello everybody,


I have recently went through the process of adopting my wife's son, which has been finalized mid September this year. We have already received the documentation from the Registration's office that I am the legal parent of the child and we have submitted the documentation to the Department of Home Affairs in order to receive a new unabridged birth certificate. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and my mother-in-law (citizen of Australia) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer this year. We would like to join her in Australia as soon as possible and that's why I would like to know if it would be at all possible to submit my visa application (189) with his current documentation and supporting documentation proving that the adoption has been finalized.


I am still waiting for a response on my query from the Department of Foreign Affairs, but would really appreciate anybody knowledgeable to let me know what they think.



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Generally, the DIBP are quite strict about the paperwork that supports a visa application. While I believe they have been a little more relaxed lately about unabridged birth certificates (because they are aware of the issues with Home Affairs), generally it's best not to use them because of the consequences if your visa application fails as a result. However, given your urgent circumstances, it may be worthwhile using the documents and explain your motivation for doing so. 

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