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  1. AngelaA

    Partner Skills

    Hi. I'm trying to calculate my points for the highly skilled Visa (189). I would like to know how the skills assessment works for my husbands qual. In order to get the partner points it states "Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and meet age, English and skill criteria.For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen. Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa
  2. Hi there I have recently, in fact on the 8th January 2016 applied for my partner visa which is obviously very exciting. While I do understand the process to be quite lengthy it would be great to hear from anybody who has recently been through this to share the timelines, what if any additional information/documentation was requested and overall what to expect going forward. My application was not submitted with a completed medical which I assume is still to come, I also submitted a police clearance certificate that will expire in May along with proof that I have appli
  3. Hi All, I am very new to this but my wife and I have finally made the decision to go ahead with this process and make the move (if Visa application Successful) At this stage we do not have surplus funds to go through an agent so want to first try go it alone - hence the reason for my question: I have 2 possible Occupations that I could apply for (Both VETASSESS): - 1 Is on the latest 189 list Skilled Independent list (224711) - 1 is on the latest 190 Skilled Nominated List (224712) The occupation on the 190 list (224712) is probably a better fit to m
  4. Hi, Is it possible to apply for a visa to work in Australia with a BCOMPT Degree (Accounting Science Degree in Financial Accounting- CA Stream) I will be graduating in Mid 2019 and if so will i be able to get a job in the competitive job market? I am currently working at Barloworld as a senior acccounts controller,however from what iv heard the experience prior to your degree is not applicable. Will my partner be able to get a job? If he has a BTECH in Architecture and registered with SACAP as a professional member? Please advise! Any assistance
  5. Ok. So I am in AUS already and working. KIds and wife arrive in Dec. Anyone know exactly what is now required in terms of my kids travelling on their own with my wife? Must I write a letter giving details of their passport numbers, date of flight etc and get it certified by a commissioner of the oath and then post it from here to my wife in SA?
  6. Hi! We are thinking about going to Australia. I've been trying to read a lot on this site, but we are very ignorant (and confused!). We are thinking of applying for a 189 visa, my husband will be the main applicant (I assume he should be, since I will probably be at home with our young children). On the list of things, he should be able to qualify for 65 points. We want to move to Sydney because we have family there. I am in the process of applying for my British citizenship, but I will retain my South African citizenship. So, if I do get it, will it be of any help with regards
  7. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this site - I'm Tam. My husband and I have just TODAY received our invite to apply for our 189 visa. We are absolutely thrilled at the news. We don't have an agent and are doing it all ourselves. We obviously want to have the visa processed as soon as possible... We think we have everything nailed down, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experience in applying for the visa with regards to the required documentation. Was there anything unexpected that your case officer came back with? We have only just applied for our u
  8. Hi Guys, Great forum, helps calm the nerves to see it's a long but certainly not lonely journey. I lodged my 189 VISA on 17 May 2018 but have not received any feedback yet. Anybody else in the same boat, and is it too early to get worried?
  9. After a LOT of planning, finally lodged my S189 visa today!! Now the anxious wait begins!! My timeline: 13 Jan: Applied for Unabridge birth certificates for my wife and I, and marriage certificate. 24 Feb: Wife's unabridged birth certificate ready 9 April: PTE Test 11 April: PTE results 20 April: Applied for Skills Assessment - Accountant (General) 29 May: Received positive Skills Assessment 29 May: Submitted EOI with 75 points 01 Aug: My unabridged birth certificate readyntogether with unabridged marraige certificate 03 Au
  10. Hi I don't know if this has been answered before but i cant seem to find any information on this forum or anything specific online but if your Visa application is refused/declined due to a health issue (that you didn't know about or know would be grounds for refusal) then are you entitled to a refund? I am aware if your provided false information then its unlikely that they would but in the situation around a health issue that you didn't know would have grounds for a refusal... Really confused as we don't want to submit the paperwork, pay and do medicals to
  11. Franchael


    Hey all, Myself and my partner are seriously looking to move to Auz however with us being very new to this we have absolutely no idea where to start and how to start. Asking for a friend to guide us here? thanks
  12. veinkamerer

    Immigration laws

    This past week I've read some articles regarding probably changes to visas and visa grants. From time periods of applying for PR to qualifying and receiving citizenship. There is also an article about "is Australia big enough for the the migrants entering Australia?" and that they could maybe cut on the amounts of visas issued. My question is... when we apply for a visa and you buy into its rules and regulations at that specific time, can the dep. of immigration change the conditions for that specific visa? eg. 489 regional sponsorship ... 2 years living in a regional area and 1 year work to
  13. So I got good news and bad news today...good news...i have passed my general ielts, giving me the 20 points I need for visa application...however, in total I have 60 points...and only people with 70 points are accepted for the 189 visa...my only option now is to hope for state nomination to get a 190 visa...or the tasmania 489 visa, which only provides me with temporary residency...which means my options are now limited...I guess I should stay focused on the goal here...but it's hard to stay positive and I'm wondering whether I should even continue...what if I don't get a state nomination? #dr
  14. Hello everybody, I have recently went through the process of adopting my wife's son, which has been finalized mid September this year. We have already received the documentation from the Registration's office that I am the legal parent of the child and we have submitted the documentation to the Department of Home Affairs in order to receive a new unabridged birth certificate. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and my mother-in-law (citizen of Australia) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer this year. We would like to join her in Australia as soon as possible and that's
  15. Hiya, we (wife, baby 1 and I) were granted a 190 visa a few years back, which we've since activated. We're currently in SA and planning on moving to Aus early next year. Since our visa was granted a new arrival has joined the family We are now trying to add baby 2 onto our visa so would appreciate the advice from anyone who has recently done this as we are getting conflicting info from the web, and from the Aus visa agency here in CT. The visa agency tells us we need to do it online, but online is pointing us to the visa agency.... and all with different for
  16. Good day Can some please advise me on what parental visa to look at for sponsoring my parents a visa permanently. They are both at the ages of 55 are qualified with a master's and doctoral degrees and are both of good health. I am a permanent resident for almost 2 years now. I have this list but don't know which one to look into.. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Brin/Pare Thank you for your help Have a great day.
  17. Quick question regarding the carer visa, is it available for assisting people suffering mental health issues? i tried to research and it mentioned scoring 30 on some health tables but I can't find those tables? thanks in advance
  18. Hi, When submitting a visa application/health declaration; I am asked if the family member has a national identity card. I assume that this corresponds with the South African Id book but clicking on help reveals a short blurb making specific reference to Chinese applicants. Does anyone know if I capture my South African Id book details here or as part of "other identity documents"?
  19. Gerhard11


    My wife and I discovered a second line one week before medical. I have tried to inform our CO (or whatever they're called now), and have not received any response. Do we have to wait for birth before filling in "Form 1436" to add him/her? Should we inform the department of a change in circumstance? Has anyone gone through something similar recently?
  20. Hi Folks, Is it better to schedule the health checks before applying for the visa, or after when they request the health checks? We are applying for a PR visa (189) so we will definitely need to do the health checks (as far as I understand). Regards
  21. Hi, During the lodgement phase ImmiAccount asks for Partner's "Highest Recognised Qualification". I am not claiming points for my wife, and we have not had her qualifications/skills assessed. She has an Honours degree in Arts specializing in Psychology. There is no option for None, any one have an idea what the correct item to select is? Many thanks.
  22. Hello folks, I submitted my EOI for a 189 visa on the 2017/12/23 and received my Invitation to apply 2017/01/03. I've gathered all the documentation required barring the following (which has been applied for, but I'm waiting on), which I wanted to get some more information regarding: 1) My unabridged birth certificate - Is this required? I have my original Proof of registration of Birth, as well as an abridged birth certificate. The registration document has both my parent's ID numbers on, and I thought if I get certified copies of their ID Documents that this migh
  23. Good morning formanites, Has anyone else perhaps lodged their 190 application in July? Let's keep in touch. All the best, Leah
  24. Hi Everyone, When I was 11 I had a kidney operation, and my one kidney was bypassed (something in that line), don't know the procedure name. I don't know have any kidneys problems at all but just wondering. When we do our medicals, will this affect or even decline our medicals for a 189 visa?
  25. After being inspired by Jordy's excellent post, The 100 step process to immigrating to Australia from South Africa, I thought I would summarise what I believe is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining a 189/190 visa. It all comes down to timing and making sure that everything that can happen in parallel does so. Even if you're not interested in expediting the process, the diagram may help to give some clarity about the requirements at various stages. I'm explaining this from the perspective of an individual but the steps are mostly similar for a family. Disclaimer: I didn't us
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