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Skills Assessment with no qualification




I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with some more information

I have been in my role for the past 9 years and have done some short courses but do not have a formal degree/advanced diploma/vendor qualification.

I would like to know if anyone has ever applied for their skills assessment with "No Recognized Qualifications".

When I go to the online points calculator even with selecting "No Recognised Qualifications" I still score 65 points and required points for my skill is 60. 

Should I submit to see if I get a positive skills assessment?

Or do i have it wrong and it is actually the Sills Assessment Society that requires me to have a formal qualification? (ACS)


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With the ACS if you have no qualification you would need at least 8 years experience and do an RPL.  You require a positive assessment from the ACS.  Note that your work experience that you can claim points for would then be 1 year as the 8 years is then excluded. 


See here:






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