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  1. I have received a negative skills assessment from the Australian Psychological Society (APS). I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with the HPCSA and completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology through Stellenbosch University (graduating in 2004). APS need to recognize 6 years of study for a positive assessment. My 6th year was a full-time internship at an academic hospital and I completed my research thesis during the same year. APS are not recognizing this 6th year. I don't seem to be the first one encountering this problem - a colleague who did her Masters at UCT also received a ne
  2. Hi All I have my Electrical (general) Vetassess scheduled in about 2 weeks down in Cape Town. Is there anyone that has done theirs recently that can assist with some pointers on what to expect. Thanks in advance
  3. Does anyone know of any Industrial Psychologist from South Africa who has received a positive skills assessment from APS lately? I am an Industrial Psychologist registered with the HPCSA - completed my Masters at Wits and had a 1 year supervised internship. I understand from a discussion on this forum in 2017 there were issues with Australia Assessing board, APS, not accepting South African trained Psychologists.
  4. Hi all, History: I hold a Degree of Bachelor of Technology (Civil), completed in July 2018. Qualification and work experience assessment: I would like to use my National Diploma for the Qualification and Work Experience assessment, through VETASSESS. The reason being that I have 3-4 years work experience since graduating my ND and thus I'd be awarded the 5 points. EOI: Whence submitting my EOI, I would like to state my Degree as highest qualification to claim the 15 points. Question: Can I do the above? (Claim 5 points und
  5. Barnes

    Teacher Immigration

    Hey everyone, I am in the starting process of immigrating to go work in Australia. I am as Aussies would call a Secondary Teacher and I am having difficulty figuring out where to start with my process. I do not have sufficient funds to travel to Australia on my own, so I need a school there to sponsor/nominate me? 1. Is it possible to be sponsored by a school? 2. If a school is able to sponsor me, what is my first step to being sponsored? 3. What Visa would I apply for to be sponsored? Kind regards Bianca
  6. Could someone kindly assist me with understanding whether I am entitled to claim 7 or 8 years relevant skilled employment for 189 EOI. I received a Engineers Australia skilled employment outcome letter and was awarded skilled experience outside of Australia for the period March 2010 to February 2017. To me this is 8 years of experience. I'd like to know whether I'm interpreting the letter correctly. Any assistance will be appreciated...
  7. Good morning, I'm struggling to determine who should be the primary applicant on our visa application. We're applying for the 189 points tested visa. Background: I hold a bachelors in Electrical & Electronic engineering and my wife a bachelors in Chemical engineering. I cocked up my English test, so i'm 5 points short without claiming points for partner skills. My wife on the other hand did fantastic and has 60 points without claiming points for partner skills. Do we only complete a skills assessment for my wife and apply through her? Or do we complete
  8. Good morning, I have a bit of a debacle with choosing my nominated occupation. I spoke to an immigration agent, but couldn't get a definitive answer before my hour ran out. I have a bachelor's in Electronic and Electrical engineering from Stellenbosch. It seems that Engineers Australia view both electrical and electronic engineering as independent streams. I specialized in telecommunications, would that make me an electronics engineer? Second question - I have a master's degree in industrial engineering and I currently work as a management consultant. The im
  9. Hi everyone, Its been ages since I have been on this forum after getting a lot of use out of it a couple years ago! My wife and I have been busy enjoying life in Melbs. Moving to Aus has been the best decision for us and I would strongly encourage everyone who is currently on this long and painful journey to stick it out! Its all worth it in the end! We have now been been able to convince my sister in law and her husband that Australia is the right place for them and their two young kids to settle as well! Great news for us! She is an Environmental Consultant and will need to a
  10. Now we heard that the emigration process would take some time, but we were not prepared for this.. I cannot explain how excited my wife and I were once we returned back from our "LSD" trip to Aus back in mid-2015. The country looked fantastic and met so many of the initial criteria which we set ourselves before we left. Granted that we were in the honeymoon phase when we returned and we still needed to make some serious decisions about our future (we got married back in Feb the same year, so our official lives together had barely begun.) We finally made the decision around two mont
  11. Hi all So after years I'm finally planning to lodge a skills assessment with the ACS. I have a very important question to ask. I have two degrees, an undergraduate degree and an honours degree. I have obtained all the relevant documentation (certificates of degrees; results; topics/objectives of each module that I studied as part of my degrees). My only concern is that I think only my undergraduate is applicable to what I want to achieve. I am confident that my undergraduate will result as being assessed as a qualification with an ICT Major and that at least 66% of the
  12. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with some more information I have been in my role for the past 9 years and have done some short courses but do not have a formal degree/advanced diploma/vendor qualification. I would like to know if anyone has ever applied for their skills assessment with "No Recognized Qualifications". When I go to the online points calculator even with selecting "No Recognised Qualifications" I still score 65 points and required points for my skill is 60. Should I submit to see if I get a positive skills assessment? Or do i have it wro
  13. Hi all, I am busy with my 457 visa application. Right at the end there is a page on skills assessment. There is a hyperlink to a webpage about the TRA and RTO, but that is not working and I can't seem to locate it via Google. 1) How does this work? I can't find the 457 nominated ANZSCO code on the website. Who do I need to contact for this assessment? 2) I have already done a skills assessment via ACS, but the sponsor company nominated me with a different ANZSCO code. In the middle of the page, a question asked if I have obtained assessment under a different progr
  14. It was a long time ago and from what I remember we were warned about not using the South African Post Office or SAPS to certifie documents for the visa application but I don't remember anything about the skills assessment. My question is, should I even bother submitting the application with docs that have been certified by these 2 organisations or should I get the docs re-copied and re-certified by an appropriate person?
  15. Hopefully someone can answer this question before I have to phone AITSL because from experience, they really don't like being called and asked questions. I am helping a friend who can't afford an agent with her skills assessment. She has now sent me all the documents and after going through them all and having to have paid more money to get a letter from the Uni confirming her teaching prac, I have noticed that the letter states that the module detail and letter differ in both number of days and ages of children. Letter says - 45 days and ages 15 to 18 Module det
  16. Hi Everybody, Quick question. According to my skills assessment, I can claim 4 of the past 6 years in my current position. When completing the EOI, where do I indicate that I only claim 4 years? There is a section to specify employment. For each section you specify whether it is related to your chosen occupation. If you choose related, it says that this will award points. Do I need to split this employment into 2 years not claiming and 4 years claiming?
  17. Has anyone had their Allenby Campus (South Africa) qualification approved / disapproved from VETASSESS? Luckily I am only the secondary applicant, but it still means 5 points if I can provide a positive skills assessment. I studied at Allenby Campus in 2004 and the college has since closed down. I have not been able to find anyone that can verify my qualification, so I'm guessing that VETASSESS won't be able to either. At least I kept all my registration papers, exam results and diploma certificates. Would this help? Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone. I hope that someone will be able to give me information and/or advice on the admission procedures as a lawyer in Western Australia. I was admitted as an attorney in South Africa in 1994 and up to the point that we moved to Australia (in April 2015), I practised as an attorney in South Africa. I already have PR with no restrictions based upon my husband's career as an engineer and as mentioned, have been living in Australia for almost a year. I have however now decided that it is time for me to get back into the game and I therefore want to apply for admi
  19. Can anyone help? My OH is a metallurgical engineer, with a BEng degree. The logical job title would be metallurgist, which is assessed by Vetassess. However, I have been told by two migration agents the all engineers have to be assessed by Engineers Australia. The Engineers Austalia website does not list metallurgical engineer - chemical engineer, materials engineer are both close, but still not quite right. We have even emailed Vetassess and Engineers Australia to find out, but neither gave us a straight answer. Is there anyone with knowledge or personal experience? This uncertainty is a
  20. Hi All, I am new to the forum and am so glad I found it yesterday, there is so much useful information here. Our situation is as follows: My wife, 2 kids (4 & 2 years old) and I are planning to head out to Aus. We are using migrate2oz for the VISA process, they seem very organized. We are applying for a 189 VISA, which I am told we qualify for. I submitted my VETASSESS documents on 29 April and completed the IELTS on 11 July. I have completed all the EOI forms and am awaiting the results of VETASSESS and the IELTS test. Does anyone know how long each of these takes? The big question
  21. ReneMendonca

    Nursing bridging course

    I have sent my documents/application in to AHPRA... waiting on the verdict..hahaha! Can someone please give me more information about the bridging course that needs to be done if they require it. What? Where? When? How?... Thanks Rene
  22. Hi There Can anyone shed some light as to whether my husband needs to go for a Skills assessment test for a diesel mechanic if appyling for a ENS (186) Visa? According to the TRA website http://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/News/Pages/Offshore-Skills-Assessment-Program-%28OSAP%29-and-457-Guidelines.aspx there was a change on the 30 January 2015. We not sure if it means he no longer has to do the assessment or if there is a different assessment her needs to do? Any adivce is welcome. Thanks Heidi
  23. Hi everyone Hubby has been invited to go for his skills assessment interview in Sandton this month (for his CERT III in Carpentry). If anyone has done this interview (for any trade what so ever) please could you give us any tips, advice, heads up on what to expect or even just basically how the Skype interview went, what type of questions they asked and focused on (such as OH&S? Machinery? Rugby! etc!) - ANYTHING at all!!! This is HUGE for us and we only get one crack at this (due to hubby's age) so anything to help calm the nerves and "prepare" us for this would be greatly appreciated. Ma
  24. ReneMendonca

    SA nurse to Aus

    I am a registered nurse. I studied BCur at the University of Pretoria. I needed advice on the process of immigrating to Australia and working in Australia. I could not really find anyone that has gone through this, someone that can share their experience with me, so I decided, I'll be that someone.. I am in the process of immigrating, and will be documenting all the ups and downs here. http://sanursetoaus.blogspot.com/
  25. Hi guys, I would like some advice. I am not sure which occupation to select when I apply for my skills assessment (that's if the IELTS goes according to plan ) Accountant (General) or Management Accountant. I have a B Tech degree in Cost and Management accounting (2001 - 2004) and I have just completed the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. I have done a 4 year SAICA articles (2006 - 2009) but decided I don't really want to become a CA ( Shock horror, shock horror, I know... ), that is why I switched to CIMA. Since completing my articles I have been working as an accountant in a small SA
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