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457 skills assessment TRA and RTO



Hi all, I am busy with my 457 visa application.  Right at the end there is a page on skills assessment.  There is a hyperlink to a webpage about the TRA and RTO, but that is not working and I can't seem to locate it via Google.  


1) How does this work?  I can't find the 457 nominated ANZSCO code on the website. Who do I need to contact for this assessment?


2) I have already done a skills assessment via ACS, but the sponsor company nominated me with a different ANZSCO code.  In the middle of the page, a question asked if I have obtained assessment under a different program.  Do I include my positive skills assessment here even if the ANZSCO code is different?


Thank you.

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Hi there, 


I can't really help with your question as my company lodged my 457visa on my behalf. However, I was under the impression that you don't need a skills assessment for a 457 visa. I didn't do one... but it might vary for different codes. 


I hope some-one else can help you....


good luck for the application

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