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Networking - Civil Engineering


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Hi Community,


I'm on a bit of a learning curve to understand the Australian civil engineering (consulting) environment a little better, and am hoping there are some forumites who would be happy to provide insight or connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm interested in peoples' views on the general health of the marketplace in various cities and states, and possible leads to opportunities.


I'm into infrastructure, drainage and water resources.



Any input appreciated!

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Hi @LeonH,
I'm in electric/electronics engineering, arrived in Melbourne a while ago. What I can say is that when these people say:"Attend events and network." They really mean it. I joined Engineers Australia, and have been to a few of their free events, hosted in their quarters in the CBD. Every time I have learnt something, from how the crowd dresses (useful for interviews etc) to how they do public speaking, and what kind of things they discuss around the coffee machine. I have also met two people who have helped me to get my CV to places where it would certainly not gave gotten on it's own. Now, I have still to see an actual job materialise from all this, but so far the indications have been promising. So I will definitely, without a doubt recommend joining EA and attending events, and actually speaking to people.

And of course I wish you a whole lot of luck, it's tough out there. (the job scene, not the people, the people are great.)

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Thanks @RedPanda,


I think that's good advice.


I actually went on a brief "interview trip" to Sydney and Melbourne and, as you say, the people are great but the current market climate is less than ideal. Nevertheless, I am still talking to three companies and things are looking good. 


Of course, networking in person vs. networking from abroad require different approaches. I have had quite a bit of success using LinkedIn (obsessively), just to get a conversation started.  


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