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  1. Hunts

    Quantity Surveyor openings

    Hi everyone, I am a senior cost manager (quantity surveyor) currently based in Dubai but my family and I are moving to Melbourne in August. Does anyone have any contacts in Melbourne that I could get in touch with? I am able to move over before my family if required and we are all on 189 visas so working is not a problem. I know the usual websites like Seek however I am only starting to look for work and apply for jobs this week. If anyone is able to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  2. Hi All My wife and I are teachers in QLD and we're looking to make the move to WA, probably at the end of this year if things work out. I know it's still early in the year in terms schools' recruitment processes etc. but I thought it a good idea to get the ball rolling ASAP. Ideally we'd like to be in either Perth or at a school/schools outside of Perth (more than happy to live and work 1 - 2 hours away in a smaller location) I'm a secondary teacher with English, Humanities (History/Geog) and HPE. I've had senior sec experience here in QLD and I am currently the s
  3. The attached jpeg file is a scan from The Australian and shows the regions in Australia with the most rapid growth rates in jobs over the last 17 years. The top 20 are based around the major cities. I thought some here may find this interesting. These are indeed only the top 20 but it is interesting to note that Sydney regions don't feature as often as expected with only 2 of the top 20. Melbourne's presence is however impressive, with several regions showing high growth rates and off relatively big bases. @Mara does then admittedly appear to have a good point about jobs and employ
  4. Hi All We currently have various positions available across the world but I'll restrain this post to Australia and New Zealand only. If you go to the main search, you will also see jobs from Johannesburg, and about 43 other cities across the world including America, Asia, Europe etc Jobs will change over time, but these links should navigate you to what is currently available whenever you click on them. I'm not a recruiter, please do not contact me in this regard, follow the online application instructions. We do have an employee referral program whereb
  5. Hi Community, I'm on a bit of a learning curve to understand the Australian civil engineering (consulting) environment a little better, and am hoping there are some forumites who would be happy to provide insight or connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm interested in peoples' views on the general health of the marketplace in various cities and states, and possible leads to opportunities. I'm into infrastructure, drainage and water resources. https://au.linkedin.com/in/leon-hellberg Any input appreciated!
  6. Hi I am directing this post at anyone who is currently working in the Financial Sector in Australia. Preferably the Financial Planning and Advisory industry or the Banking industry. We are busy with our immigration process on my wife's Bachelor of Education but I would like to stay in the Finance Industry as it's all I know. I presently have an NQF5 Wealth Management Diploma and believe that I would need to complete the RG146 before I am able to work in any finance industry? If that is correct then I would like to know how long it wou
  7. JJDLmoving

    Sales Manager Salary

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and i must say i love it - Such a wonderful source of information. This is my 1st post so i hope it is in the right place! Maybe someone that is in this industry or recruitment could help answer my questions. We are in the very early stages of applying for our 189 Visa. My wife is a kindergarten teacher and i am a sales and marketing manager. I was wandering what type of salaries we could expect to earn once we touch down, either in Sydney or Melbourne. We have been told that she can earn between $70k-$80k per year and i can exp
  8. JaxBaker83

    Skills 2 Oz

    G'day fellow forumites I came across this website in my research yesterday: http://www.skills2oz.com/ Has anyone heard of them? It is a job board where you pay $50 dollars to register your CV, they evaluate your visa possibilities, and employers can search their database and contact you directly, knowing in advance what your visa options are Seems too good to be true- although I couldn't find any online complaints or anything Wondering if anybody has heard of them, or had any experience in dealing with this company?
  9. Hi to all! My wife, Daughter and I are getting ready for the massive life changing move, and off course, with that, comes many doubts and even more questions. we don't currently have too many questions on the visa application itself and trust the process while using an established agent to guide us through all the steps. The biggest concern off course is the unknown. Where will we end up? will the cost of living surprise us and make us live a poor life, even after all the online research and budgeting? Have we missed any important financial elements while budgeting that
  10. Juanbessinger

    Visual Art Teacher - Trying not to Panic :)

    Hi Everyone, So the wife, 2 kids and I are arriving in Brisbane on 30 December and are of course hugely excited....but obviously we're a little worried as well. I am a High School Visual Art Teacher (Provisionally Registered with QCT) and I've also been Head of Sport. But it seems like there really aren't many art jobs around, if any at all!!! I've also taught English (TEFL) in Taiwan for a year (after varsity) and I'm now beginning to think that it may be the way forward to teach English at that level.... My wife is also a Primary school teacher and is currently in the process of Teacher Regi
  11. hi there We're on a 157 state sponsored PR visa planning a move to Melbourne later this year. Ive applied for about 40 jobs from SA in higher ed (Colleges, universities, TAFE's, RTO's etc). I have 10 years senior mgmt expereince in private colleges, Uni's in Sa and in UK, but i havent even been invited to attend one interview (skype). I typically call the recruiters (usually the HR dept), to discuss the position before i apply and explain my situation. They most usually (lie) say that my location isnt as much a factor- theyre more concerned about my PR status (which i have), and my suitabili
  12. HadEnoughofJuju

    ICT Contract in Adelaide SA

    This was sent to me by one of my LinkedIn connections in Adelaide who is a recruiter. Please PM me for the contact details.  We have a client with 40 users and a single person IT department looking for a Systems & Network Administrator for a 3 month contract part time 4 to 5 hours a day based in Melrose Park SA.   If know anyone you know might be interested please contact me at Talent Options.  Below are their requirements list:  Mandatory, experience with :- Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Windows desktop environments (Windows 7/8/10) VMware virtualised environment Symantec Endp
  13. Hi guys I recently read that over 70% of all available jobs are not even advertised. That is quite a sizeable market to be hidden! Would that include referrals or more positions only made available to existing or executive employees? I've been looking at other job websites, other than the usual suspects (www.seek.com.au) like www.oneshift.com.au and www.hoobetter.com and wondered if they were even worth using or if my energy was better spent on the big guys and networking and contacting recruiters? Cheers
  14. Hi everyone! I am over the moon! Just got a call from the company I went for an interview at. I got the job!!!! I am so grateful and relieved and THANKFUL!
  15. sonjae

    Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

    Hi group! I need some suggestions please. I arrived in Aus a week ago ( from NZ, now NZ citizen) and have many years experience as a pharmaceutical rep. having done all aspects of the job.( Hospitals, Gp's, Specialists, Pharmacies)Have brilliant sales results .Also have a degree. Applied for huge number of positions over the last month, most through agencies with no luck. Currently living with a friend on the Gold Coast but would be prepared to relocate. I would consider any repping role. Is there anyone out there who can help?! Would really appreciate some input.
  16. Hi all Can anyone help with / Give advice/ Suggestions please? I am a New Zealand citizen and employed in Perth. My partner is only a New Zealand Resident and we are trying to find him employment. The partnership visa will take a long time and we cannot afford to have him unemployed for months. Currently he drives semi's ( refridgerated ) in Auckland, has many types of heavy duty licences, not all converted in New Zealand. In South Africa he had his own bussiness installing kitchens for places like Builder's warehouse and Easy life kitchens.Not only doing Melamine ( MDF) but mostly solid wood
  17. To all the expats in Melbourne. I haven’t posted for a while, mainly because there hasn’t been much happening. However, after being in Melbourne for 5 months now and still not being able to find employment, I am turning to you in the hope that someone out there can help me. I am an IT engineer, looking for employment in the Microsoft solutions space, ideally with a company who has their own infrastructure that needs loving care. I do not have any Citrix or VMWare skills although I would love some exposure to them. I have more than 18 years IT experience, 9 of which were with a global mining
  18. HadEnoughofJuju

    Jobs in Sydney

    Hi all, thought I would post this link for those of you who are Mums in Sydney and the surrounding areas. I do not have personal ties with this recruitment agency except for the fact that we have worked with them. 100 Mums
  19. Hi All I have finally been able to secure a job in Mandurah and while the money is not great its a start and what I was doing in South Africa. I will be a systems engineer for a IT company in Mandurah. Mandurah is a beautiful place and if everything works according to plan it will be our home here in Australia. My wife will still be working in Morawa as a registered nurse but will start looking for a Job in Peel Health Campus or maybe even Rockinham district hospital. I have been out of a job for almost 6 months, and I have been to many companies and agencies for interviews. Its a very tough m
  20. Hi guys, My fiancé and I have been investigating options open to us in making the big move to Australia. After some VERY bad advice from an ignorant agent regarding using my qualification as an attorney in South Africa and me being the main applicant we have narrowed down our options. My fiancé will have to be the main applicant with his experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager being on the skills list for South Australia. We will have to make the move (as most do) without a job offer. I am wondering about job prospects for Sales and Marketing professionals in and around Adelaide. I have
  21. ArnoW

    MYOB accounting

    Hi everyone. I have posted this on another discussion as well, but I think this might have been the better area to post in. This is a bit of a technical accounting proffession question, so please bare with me. I see on all the job adertisements that "MYOB experience is preferred". I know that MYOB is the accounting software that a lot of companies is Australisa uses. The problem is that the software is not used widely is South Africa (ACCPA, SAP and Pastel are mainly used here), and as a result most uf us coming over do not have experience working with MYOB. I tried to see if there is a course
  22. Glenno


    Hi All, We are aiming to move to Canberra in January 2014 and I was just wondering how easy or not it is to find work? My wife is a beauty therapist and my background is Sales and Client Service. I will be quite happy to take on work from any decent company and am not to phased about finding any specific job. But I would just like to find out what your experience has been in finding a job on arriving in Canberra? (i.e how long did it take?, did you have to go for loads of interviews etc?) thanks a mill.
  23. Hi All Them freedom tickets are booked. So finally I can say that we will reach freedom the Night of 25 September and expect to have a very short 26th September in Sydney. That allows us 1 full Friday to go to the bank, register for medicare, centrelink etc and convert our licenses. I don't think we will be able to do all that in 1 day but we will try. With 53Kg of luggage each, I think we will opt for a taxi, unless someone has a really big car and would like to pick us up. (Hint Hint) So now the search for a good, affordable, temporary, furnished apartment begins. I know about airbnb, booki
  24. HI All I thought that I would also send a quick update on settling in on the Gold Coast My previous posts were about me finding a job. Am still waiting to get the approval so that I can start work, but I will still go to orientation on Monday, do a uniform fitting etc in anticipation. Then my hubby got a call (yesterday) to attend an interview as an AV technician...and was asked to be at work at 6:30am the next day (today) for a "trial" and will also work tomorrow! 11 hour shift on day 1...the fun starts now!! He had to apply for a white card online, and got it approved. Seems to be the start
  25. Hi! I have started sending out my CV and applying for a couple of positions that I may be interested in, but seem to be a little confused by the responses! I was hoping someone could shed some light for me. The responses I am receiving is that there are sufficient local candidates and I do not have any local experience, thus not being considered for the position! This is confusing purely because I was under the impression that if your job is listed as a shortage, surely there are not sufficient local candidates for the positions? I understand that the recruiters would rather fill positions loc
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