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QLD Teachers Looking to Move to WA


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Hi All


My wife and I are teachers in QLD and we're looking to make the move to WA, probably at the end of this year if things work out. I know it's still early in the year in terms schools' recruitment processes etc. but I thought it a good idea to get the ball rolling ASAP.

Ideally we'd like to be in either Perth or at a school/schools outside of Perth (more than happy to live and work 1 - 2 hours away in a smaller location) 


I'm a secondary teacher with English, Humanities (History/Geog) and HPE. I've had senior sec experience here in QLD and I am currently the school's sports co-ordinator. 

My wife is a primary teacher and can teach anything from years 3-6. She also has some experience in the middle school (Years 7-9). We're both Permanent Residents. 


We're not necessarily looking to work at the same school, but would welcome the prospect if it came along. We're also not fussy at all in terms of what type of school we teach in, although Christian or faith based education is something we are most familiar with here in Aus. 


Ideally we'd like to find a job (for at least one of us) before leaving QLD and thus any advice/contacts/leads etc in terms of finding employment would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone!

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why are you moving to WA? 

We were at a kids party on Sunday and got chatting to the other moms. One is a high school teacher & the other is doing her teaching conversion from engineering(from the UK) & the other one's husband is trying to get a job as a teacher. It was an interesting conversation! The one studying at the moment said she had a talk from a lecturer who said that for every job advertised there are about 100 applicants & jobs are very scarce. The teacher said that the way to get jobs is to do relief work, if you are good, then you may get asked to stay on permanently. The husband that we know is applying but nothing is available for him at the moment so he is going to try relief work & will carry on doing the work he is currently doing until something more permanent comes up(he is changing careers). 

Hope this info helps. 


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I agree that moving to WA is not such a good idea.  Jobs are VERY scarce over there at the moment and if you already have teaching jobs then most people would tell you how lucky you are and that you should hang onto them.


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Hey SML and RYLC


Thanks for the insight and advice. I knew teaching jobs weren't easy to come by in WA but I didn't realise it was that bad. Appreciate your straightforward answers :)


Our main reason for looking to make the move is that fact we have a bunch of close friends there and a real support network in Perth and some of the areas just outside. We are currently is a tiny little town (1800 people) on the coast 6-7 hours north of Brisbane. It's a mini paradise and few have a few close-ish friends but we're really isolated and remote (hour and a half away from a Coles or Bunnings for e.g. - we have a small and overpriced Foodworks) and its a fairly insular community otherwise. We're still considering a move further south to the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, which seems the wisest option, but we know no-one there so we thought we may as well give Perth/WA a go.


I definitely take the point that our permanent positions and a massive blessing and that we should hang onto them. We def wouldn't go anywhere until we had something longer term or permanent confirmed - I'm definitely not keen to get back into relief work and neither is my wife. 


Is the availability of teaching jobs any better outside of Perth? South, even all the way to Margaret River and even North and hour or two?


Thanks again


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We have family in WA in teaching and they have struggled. To be honest I think that you both got full time jobs in Qld BECAUSE you were willing to live in WoopWoop.  No reflection on your abilities just an indication of what it takes to get full time work. 


Here is is a reply to another thread on teaching:



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Thanks again for the advice. We def won't move anywhere until we have anything confirmed job wise on a longer term and permanent(ish) basis. I suppose that's what this this particular post is all about - trying to get some leads or contacts that may point us in the direction of a job.

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Hi! did you end up moving to WA? I am in QLD outboack at the moment and plannign to move to WA in about 2 years time if all works out right. I am on a 489 visa, need 2 years living and 1 year's living in a rural area... 

My question is around the Full Time work hours... I  need 35 a week... my contract says 30. What is a standard full time teacher's contract hours? 

I need to satisfy the conditions in order to apply for PR after 2 years... 


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