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Hi everyone!


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Goodday people,

I thought it to be a good idea to first introduce myself before I start with the questions.

I've been reading this blog on and off, for probably the past 2 years (THANK YOU - Your contributions is invaluable). The move to Aus is only becoming a reality for us now.

We (Hubby and I) are in our late twenties, happily married for allmost 5 years now. We want to start with a family soon, and that's why we're doing the move to Oz. Can't see ourselves having and raising a baby in this chaos! But I guess we can talk about that for hours ... :rolleyes:

I'm worried sick about my parents, they really want to get out of here, but their options are very limited because of their age. Luckily we have their full support in the move. My MIL is another story. I don't even want to think how the last month will be before we go. I know she's going to cry her eyes out, non-stop, but I hope my DH will be able to stick it out...

We will hopefully be able to go on a sponsorship for me (I'm in IT, and lots more opportunities), and when we are there, apply for the PR Visa etc. I'm waiting to write 2 exams mid April for 2 more Microsoft certifications which will give my CV (oops, sorry RESUME :) ) a boost. I want to go over, or rather apply with the best possible credentials.

I've noticed a lot of bloggers from Pta and Centurion. Even in our neighbourhood (Moreletapark). We would love to meet you guys!

O ja, almost forgot. We want to go to Melbourne. Best friends of ours already have their 457 (or is it 475 - I always get confused :lol: ) applications submitted and will probably be there in 2 month's time. We also know another couple in Mebourne. Otherwise we have family in Brisbane, and also family on their way to Brisbane - Hallo Wessies! (They're also on this forum). But I know hubby will prefer Melbourne's weather. So let's see what happens...

I'm off to the jobs section to post a few questions for the IT guys there!

Best of luck to all of you, where-ever you are in the process!

And to the guys (and girls) allready there, thank you for contributing. It makes this process a lot easier!



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Hi Suzanne

Welcome and congrats on the posting, you never mentioned in what field Hubbies in?

Are you an only child or do you have brothers and sisters? (Asking for the sponsor sake of parents)

Update your signature, so we can peak at how far you are. B)



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Thanks Vlam!

Hi Stranded,

We are 3 children. My brother has his own business, and is not yet interested in leaving SA. My sister is a student at Stellenbosch, and has lost her heart in the USA when she was an au pair there. She'll probably go back after her studies. That's what makes it so frustrating! We have to be 2 on that side to bring my parents over. I don't know if you have more options when you're a citizen??

My hubby is in Vocational Training, more specifically in the Cellular industry. He also has a great CV, let's hope he gets a good job over there.

Oh, so that's how you get your status updates in there! <_< Will update my signature immediately!

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Hi Suzanne, and welcome! :rolleyes:

If you haven't seen it already, check out this post (in "Offering") if you're looking for a 457 (work sponsorship) visa. These guys have branches in pretty much all the major cities (Melbourne and Brisbane included). Just contact them, or send your CV via the contact details provided in the link in martyn's post and you may get lucky!

HTH :(

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