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I am planning to study photography when we arrive in Adelaide, and have come across a interesting place called the Centre for creative photography.

Anyone know anything about it - or can anyone offer advice on a good place to study photography?

Your help would be really appreciated.

Unfortunately the centre prefer not to communicate via e-mail, and i am sure you can understand the time difference becomes a slight snag...

I might have to stay up till one a clock sometime soon, but until then can anyone help my creative soul??? :ilikeit:

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I'm studying through ACQ (Australian College QED). They do correspondence courses, but I know they have a course in photography. Maybe you'll want to look at something like that...

Their website: http://www.acq.edu.au

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Red, also look at these people:


They have a very good reputation, but places in the diploma course in photography are very sought after and they are already full for 2008. There are a few short courses available.

What kid of visa do you have? It will affect how much you pay

I wonder why the Centre will not communicate by email? that's very strange indeed <_<

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Thanks both, i will go have a look at the sites.

I have no idea why the centre won't communicate via e mail. Couldn't locate an e mail addy for them anywhere - eventually sent a fax, and the response was that they preferred not to do the e mail thing. Don't get me wrong, they weren't horrible or anything - but i did find it a bit bizarre,,, :ilikeit:

Anyway, hubby and i are waiting for CO at the moment and will be coming over on a 176 Skilled Sponsered Visa...

Hoping to be in Adelaide in early June....

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Check out UniSA (Sth Australia) . . . School of Arts.

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