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Police clearance


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Hi All,

Can someone please tell me where to go for police clearance in Adelaide? Can I just go to any police station and get P. clearance there or should it be a specific one? And what is the cost involved? Please.

Thank you,


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Is this for Australian Police clearance? Then go and apply to any Australia Post



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Is in OZ, ja. Dankie vir die reply. KD.

If we are talking about visa pllication Aussiem clearances - Yes, you get the form, fill it in, send it off by post and include ( I think ! ) $ 30 postal order. About 1-2 weeks later you receive it back in the post, no worries ! Check out this link to see which forms and more detials about the procedure. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-...ments/index.htm I think you can also downlaod the forms. BUT, if you are already here, like you are, there might be other forms involved to get a clearance cert, maybe the one mentioned at the post office, i think, as the mentioned forms are for visa application, as far as I know.

Lekker hier in die eerste wereld :)

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