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We're here too!


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Hi. Just to be polite, we thought we'd also introduce ourselves - a young married couple on their way to Australia (hopefully soon!).

Can we be rude and immediately start with a few questions?

- How long does the independent skilled migrant visa take from start to finish? How does one kick this process off?

- How willing are Aus employers to interview, employ and sponsor someone all the way from here in SA?

- If one goes over on a sponsored work permit (how long do these take?), can one convert quite easily to the independent skilled migrant option?

- What's Brisbane/Sunshine coast/Gold Coast like to live?

- Is it possible to holiday in Australia, go for interviews, find a job, and get a work permit from within australia, then stay on, or is this not an option? How do employers look upon this route?

Any help will be appreciated. We have already read the 100 point list, but the above is still unclear.

Thanks in advance - looking forward to meeting everyone on this forum!

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Hi Snooze, and welcome... I suppose all the questions at once might prevent people from replying.. Also how about telling us a bit about yourselves. In answer to your questions, in point form as you asked.

-This can take anywhere from 6mnths to a year. go onto the immigration website and download an application form... I am not too familiar with this process as I have not done it. If you look on the Saaustralia home page, and do a search for independant skilled migrant visa, or the likes there of, you should get a whole lot of info.

-Employers are looking for people, and do employ regularly from SA. If you have the skills they require, its pretty easy. Look on seek.com.au, and set up a profile or 2 of what job you are looking for.

-Sponsored work permit takes about 3mnths to get, once there you can either apply for permanent residency on your own merit, or get your employer to sponsor you for this( this takes a while 2yrs).

- I have not been, but by all accounts from family and friends it is much like Durban, and they all love it.

-Yes it is, but be careful.. you must keep all relevant papers away from the authorities, or they can be quite sticky. This is spoken of in the forum.. once again do a search.

Please note, there is no "easy" way in, and it all comes at a cost. At all times follow the system, be honest, and supply the information that they want.. Anything that is not above board, or out of the ordinary is frowned upon, and may cause huge delays and bad responses. This country is so wonderful, because they are very strict. you will need to be patient and thorough in all your process, this will make your journey a pleasant one..

Good luck, and I hope this helps a bit.

Chat soon

Scott :blush:

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Thanks Scott. realised that it's a lot of questions, and really appreciate the effort you went to! Good luck with your move over to Aus the next few weeks!

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