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Introduce: Corné & Taryn


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Hi all,

I want to introduce myself and my girlfriend, Corné Kloppers and Taryn Brown respectively. We currently live in Cape Town however we are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency in Australia under the common law relationship immigration regulation. She also has a direct family member (aunt) living in Melbourne with Australian citizenship.

I’m a 30 year old IT Specialist (Senior Java Developer) within a publishing environment. I also have extensive experience within the Telecommunications industry. My girlfriend is 26 years old and applies her trade as a Junior Manager/Coordinator in an IT department.

Our immediate goals are to write our IELTS exam in April and submit our Permanent Residency application form in June 2008. Depending on the time taken for our PR application we hopefully should be in a position towards the end of 2009 to sell our house in Cape Town and move to Melbourne.

We will only start marketing ourselves for jobs in Melbourne on notification that we got Permanent Residency. For us it would be too risky in going to Australia and not get Permanent Residency. Does anybody perhaps have comments with this regard?

We look forward in more discussions on this forum. This forum has been of great value so far.

Kind regards,

Corné Kloppers


Taryn Brown

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Hi there,

First things first, welcome to the forum.

I am not to sure as to what you mean with not getting PR. With the direction both of you are working, you should be able to get a a 457 (sponsored) Visa and the work experience in Aus will count in your favour for PR. Having said that arriving here with all the advantages of being a citizen could have its perks I suppose like not having to get special permission to buy a house.

Well whatever you decide on welcome and best of luck!!



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You are right about the IELTS exams - they are so fully booked it's best to write them as quickly as possible!

PR 175 is a Permanent Residency VISA and is solely based on the Point system where you get points for your skills, etc. It takes a little bit longer than the sponsored Visas to be approved, but once it has been approved, you don't have to apply for any other Visa. You are also not bound to a specific employer for 2 years.

The sponsored 457 Visa's timeline is quicker, but there can be problems with the sponsors. I've heard of employers dropping out.... But it seems to me most people go with that route!

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Hi Corné and Taryn,

And welcome to the forum!

Your credentials sound great, so I do expect that there will be obvious problems for you getting a PR visa. Is it possible that you may actually prefer the idea of a bit more time in which to settle up your things here in SA, once you have been told that you can move?

Then the 175 visa may be good for you, as people say it may take a little longer. But, just now you get it in about 3 months (some people do) and how soon would you like to leave? You do need to make an "activation" trip to Aus, but have roughly 5 years to make the final migration.

I have also researched the 176 visa. A region (state or territory) sponsored visa that affords one PR status. There is also a family sponsored version of the 176.

This visa does carry obligations - to live and work in the region sponsoring you for 2 years - and some people dislike that criterion.

But, a large part of my problem was - where to live in Aus. I do not know where I would want to go for certain. I am afraid that if I got there with a nice 175 and lots of freedom, that I would spend 6 months and all of my money on travelling around to look and see where I would want to live. A strange way of thinking, maybe, but taking a 176 regional sponsored visa (if you're on their occupations list) would make me go somewhere, and then I'd no longer have to trawl google Earth!

Anyways, all of the best with you process.


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