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Hey hey...


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Hi everyone.

Just wanted to introduce myself. As you may have deduced, my name is Brandon. I'm 24 (25 in a week :blush: ) and I'm a software and database developer from Durban.

My friend Google suggested I drop by the forum. Turned out to be good advice. :D

At the moment I'm looking for a sponsor for a 457 with the intention of emigrating with my girlfriend (also a software dev in Durbs). We have a friend in Perth (Fremantle) who has kindly offered to put us up til we get on our feet. The reasons for the move are pretty much the same as everyone else - fear and uncertainty of the country's future.

That's it I think. See you guys around. :ilikeit:

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Hi Brandon

Welcome to the forum - you have come to the right place to find all the answers, well most of them I guess, and a stack of encouragement to keep pressing on towards the big move.

All the best!



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Welcome Brandon, you have a long but hugely rewarding road ahead of you, ger on it as soon as possible and log onto www.immi.gov.au for all sorts of immigration information too


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Hi there Brandon,

We're also still new to the forum, all the best to you. I know you'll find a lot of friendly help on this forum.


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Hi BRandon wellcome and enjoy!

Hope you get the 457

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