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My employer pays for our health insurance(myself and my wife). Do we still need to subsribe for Medicare?

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Medicare is the Australian Government's medical assistance plan.

If you are coming over on 457 you don't get it.

If you come over on a 457 but your application for PR is in you do get it. If you come over on PR you get it as well.

It's not, "is it neccessary", you get it anyway. Medicare covers GP visits and hospitalization. People that have Medicare normally have Private Health cover anyway, like a top up, this enables you to go to Private Hospital etc.

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When you become permanently resident in Australia you are entitled to Medicare.

Every Australian is on Medicare whether they like it or not.

It is the Australian gov'ts "no frills" health care service.

It provides for free treatment in public hospitals around Australia and pays up to 85% of a visit to a doctor.

You pay an extra 1.5% tax for Medicare for you and all your family.

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That 1,5% is based as a percentage of your income! Bob is right, you do not have an opt out option, everybody with pr or citizenship is obliged to pay!

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