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Employee Sponsored Permanent Visa Options?


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My husband and I are looking into Employee Sponsored Permanent Visas and found this link.


Does anyone know why most Employers tend to shy away from these visas and not offer them to prospective employees coming from overseas? Perhaps the fees involved for the company are higher? Maybe the processing times longer?

If anyone has had success coming in on either of these visas: 119/875 or the 121/856 please can you share your experience. Did you have to negotiate this PR visa with your employer? How long it take to you to receive your visa? Did your employer pay for your visa application (we were shocked to see how expensive the fees are!!!!).

Up until now, we were under the impression that all employee sponsored visas were Temp ones. If there is an option to come in as PR, we would prefer it.

My husband has a PhD in Engineering Management, a degree in Nuclear and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Berkeley, USA. He is applying to both universities as a faculty member and Engineering Firms.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi OTherapist

We were sponsored in on a 119/857 visa. When I first joined the forum (Jan 2007), I knew of one other member who had been sponsored on the same visa. During the last few months, I have noticed lots of other members who are busy with this class visa, so I don't think employers are shying away.

I will send you a PM


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HI Tarryn

We are applying for the 119, Kim is family of ours so they helped us along the way. When we were negotiating with our sponsor we told them why we would prefer a PR visa and they totally understood. So tell them how you feel, I do not think that many are aware of the options available to them. Give me a pM if you need any more help as well I will be more than happy to give advice


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