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Where to go?!

Benoni Lad

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What a mine of information this site has been!

Eskom has been frustrating the life out of us, and for the first time in our eleven years of marriage, we finally have thought of looking at emigrating. We always said that we would be the ones to turn the lights out, but Eskom is taking that duty away from us. I really worry about the business climate in the country, when business and roads grind to a halt for 1-2 hours min in some places DAILY!

I know that all of you have been where we are right now. The emmotional roller coaster is just too much to bear.

Besides the things that one has to do to get the Visa's etc, what made you decide to settle where you did?

My wife is a CA(SA) and I am teacher trained, but running my own landscaping business.

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Welcome and you will get a well of information as well as support here.

we are in Brisbane and we just looked at the climate and population of the city when we decided to immigrate.

Brisbane is one of the best cities to be if not the best. Climate wise, like Durban.

You will not have difficulty in finding jobs, either of you.

But your journey has just begun. A long way, but worth every frustration, etc.

We are in Aus for nearly 5 months and we don't look back. We never did a LSD (look, see and decide trip) we just made up our minds and got the ball rolling.


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Ditto on what Carelene said.

You have to look at what is important to you, climate, job opportunities, family.

One thing I can say is that no matter where you end up you will be happy.

OZ is a great place.

Been there already and waiting to move to Melbourne!


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Do you have any friends or family in Australia? My aunt and uncle live in Melbourne and I have cousins who live in Sydney. We are strongly considering Perth, because we are both vegetarian, environmentally friendly, prefer a quiet life and want to buy a small farm one day :-)

Perhaps your wife may wish to search online for job options, to help sway your decision. All the best.

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Do you have any friends or family in Australia?

No we don't, but we have friends who have visited and done the LSD thing and they all raved...

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We are in the process of getting all our documents ready to apply, going the PR route. We're hoping to apply beginning next year (hubby still has to work this year before he can apply for his skills assessment).

Good luck with all the hard work! Don't give up...sometimes things go slow, but the end result is worth it. :ilikeit:

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