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Prof. John Rippey - anyone know his whereabouts?


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A friend of mine in South Africa, who is a pathologist, and who is planning on immigrating to Canada, is looking for one of his former Wits professors, John Rippey.

Apparently, Prof. Rippey moved to Perth in the late 80's or possibly early 90's. My friend needs Prof. Rippey to validate that he was in his classes etc. Most of his other professors are either deceased or their whereabouts are unknown, and this is hampering the immigration process for him.

If anyone knows Prof. Rippey, or any of his family who can tell us if he is still alive or not, please contact me, Karen, at jarnico_6@hotmail.com and I will forward the information onto my friend.

Thank you very much,

Karen, SACanada educational host.

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Hi Karen

I checked the white pages for all the states and these are all the J Rippey's that are published. Hope it helps.

Rippey J M

13 Stow Pl

Watson, NSW 2602

+612 6241 8598

Rippey J

8 Yukon Cl

Kearns , NSW 2558

+612 9824 8265

Rippey J & L

8 Greenock Crs

Cranbourne East, VIC 3977

+613 5995 0848

Rippey J

23 Stockdale Crs

Wembley Downs, WA 6019

+618 9204 4706

Rippey J & Y

41 Browne Ave

Dalkeith, WA 6009

+618 6389 1994

Rippey J J

75 Vincent St

Nedlands, WA 6009

+618 9386 7694

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Thank you so very much, Mara. I will send all these to my friend and see if he can find what he needs.

Greatly appreciated.

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No problem Karen, just hope he strikes 'gold' with one of those addresses.

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