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Guest Mauritz

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Guest Mauritz

Many people asked me about the book - The Liver Cleansing Diet. It is available in Aus and I see it regularly in secondhand bookshops for about $5 (Aus). I'm not sure, but it might still be in print - it is a popular book.

For those in doubt - think about it this way. According to scientific principles - the liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body. If that organs struggles, the all the other organs of excretion must step in and take on more than what they're designed for. This cause a cascade of other symptoms and problems.

In the average house we have a: sewage system, drainage system, rubbish collection system, vacuum cleaner, various detergents etc. If the sewage system fails - all the stuff must still go somewhere - a big mess - all the other systems are now overloaded - things can go wrong. If this problem is not addressed rapidly - diseases might spread, affecting all the other systems.

In the body, the other organs of excretion are the: kidneys, skin, lungs & large intestine. When the liver suffers various symptoms can occur due to strain on the other organ systems. These include: lower back pain, knee problems, skin related problems, migraines/headaches, gallbladder problems, allergies, constipation and/or irritable bowl syndrome etc. The western approach is normally surgery: knee, back & gallbladder surgery - or drugs, always more and more drugs, which must be broken down by an already overloaded liver - causing more problems - but ........ has the original problem been solved???? It might just be that simple a solution.

When the liver goes - the fat and toxins must go somewhere else - this is actually a frightening scenario - if you really think about it.

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Nee Mauritz, nou't jy my heeltemal op hol gejaag. Al my skete maak nou sin. :blink:

Dink jy ek sal 'n perd te koop kry in die Yellow Pages? :D

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Hi Mauritz,

I’m enjoying you threads very much. I’m still “on the other side” and my time is taken up by different responsibilities. No time to read diet books. Please share with us the liver cleansing do’s and don’ts. My exercise is walking, not interested in anything else. Would like to shed a few kilos before boarding the plane to our new life in Aus.

What does your diet recommend we omit from our eating plan? Or rather is it one of those ones where I must ask, what are we allowed to eat - this is probably the shorter list.

Thanx for your valuable info. Healthy RSA’s that will join you soon.

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Hi Mauritz

Thanks for the Email, I am watching and reading, it all makes sense, so now time to start doing something about it. :rolleyes:

1. Start walking the dogs for starters.

2. Stop drinking so much coffee

3. Drink water

$. Pay more attention to our food, less fatty stuff, more salad and tuna.

Is there a liver detox you could go on , just to kickstart the process? Going to look for that book asap

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