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I am a registered nurse and wanted to go to Perth as I have family there. I have applied for a parent visa and should be there by Sept/Oct this year. I have since learned that I have to do the IELTS eXam(academic). There is also a 6mth bridging course which I will have to do. This seems an awful lot of stuff that I have to do. Please help if you know of any other States in Oz that don't require all this. Would I be able to transfer my registration from one state to another?

I believe that this IELTS is quite difficult although I am English speaking, (in my workplace and at home) and done my nursing diploma in English.

I heard yesterday that I will be appointed a counsellor before the end of Jan.

I have sent in my police clearance and have booked my medical, so that all will be done and ready to post to immigration when they request it.

Look forward to hearing from you


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Hi there,

I am an occupational therapist and once in Aussie, I will be required to take a full-time 6 month practice audit. I did a search for you and think that the following FAQ for RN's may be of some help?


All the best with your application. Nurses are in great demand all over the world. :D

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I agree - if you are an English speaking individual you will not have any problems with the IELTS. My wife and I both got 8+, and we are Afrikaans (only speak English at work - and obviously TV Shows and movies).

Good luck with everything.

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