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Guest Mauritz

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Guest Mauritz

I had a few inquiries regarding my 'weight loss' program :D

First - read the Disclaimer above (under Health & Wellness) :ilikeit:

I don't like the phrase 'weight loss' - I'm more interested in metabolic balance. In other words - if you're under weight - you'll put on weight. If you're over weight - you'll loose the necessary grams/kilo's.

Also - very important :D - these ary my views and nobody else's - my opinions, based on my own experiences.

You might wonder, why I write about weight & fat & things :D Bit of history. My background is in the field of science - emphasis on physiology, human & cell biology, biochemistry & microbiology. I also furthered my studies into a more 'alternative' (another ugly word) direction - emphasis on nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, oriental medicine etc. I never worked in the western scientific field - I absolutely hated the scientific method and all the yuppies associated with it. A system based on making heaps of money out of misery.

I was fortunate to be involved in the 'alternative system' for a while - with incredible results. I struggle with people - not the right temperament :) - the Suidwes nature is not politically correct (as you know :ilikeit: ) and maybe a bit to direct. I use my knowledge now on horses and dogs :ilikeit: Sometimes I still treat people that are sincere and understand that they need to change their lifestyle - that true natural health is not achievable by popping pills.

I have more respect for the ancient Chinese system (written up for 5000 years and a history stretching back much further) and time proven natural medicine system - . For example - the acupuncture points have been recorded on black & white for thousands of years. Western science didn't acknowledge these points, because of lack of scientific evidence. The reason: scientific technology was not advance enough to measure these points so they just wrote it off as nonsense. Only within the last 10 years technology became available that could pinpoint & measure these exact points. Today, many western doctors practice acupuncture - thousands of years late of course.

The same with homeopathy, which is now a acknowledged subbranch of Pharmacology in many institutions. I know medical doctors in Australia that practice homeopathy with huge success. Where does all of this come into the weight issue?? There is no quick fix - you must give you body the opportunity to do what it does best - a natural process.

To loose weight, you must understand fat. The purpose of fat in the body is protection - the heart & kidneys are covered in fat - protects against shock, severe temperatures etc. Fat also stores toxins - separating it from the rest of the body. A very important, but neglected, factor in uncontrolled weight gain is the emotional factor. Many people eat, because of the 'comfort' it creates - fat protects us from the 'elements' and nasty things out there. We all know people eat when things get tough or stressed.

If you understand these simple factors, then it is also very important to understand the liver - the main detoxifying organ of the body. If the liver can't handle the stress of the 'normal' western diet - not only do we gain weight, but toxins are stored within the body, especially fat cells. It is a well known fact in western medicine that diets can be severely detrimental to obese people - the sudden release of toxins can be deadly.

The most common mistake with diets is a sudden release of toxins - causing headaches, abdominal discomfort, even depression, offensive body odour & breath etc. Most people just give up or complain that fruit & vegetables just don't agree with them.

In short - the emphasis is totally on the LIVER. I recommend a book written by a Aussie medical GP - a extremely interesting woman. She understands the principle of Chinese & Natural Medicine and wrote this book based entirely on understanding the LIVER. The book: The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot. I don't agree with everything, but it is a very good guideline - a book that changed the lives of many, many people for the better.

My program is complex, because of my history in Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong) and Yoga. It is not necessary to include this in lifestyle changes - although it is very helpful. My 'program' is intense, because I want to achieve high levels in endurance racing. Anyone can follow basic guidelines and balance your metabolism. I was fortunate to guide many people in these lifestyle changes and then witness incredible changes in individuals. It is possible and within reach of anyone - a very basic & natural process.

It is a mouthful, but if there are people interested - there are many sources and information out there.

An example of my day (remember the aim here is the highest level of fitness - not only weight loss). It is fairly basic for day two, but the intensity will increase with time.

Very early morning (5am) - various stretching exercises based on Hatha Yoga & Chinese Qi Gong (about 20 minutes). The reason for this is fairly complicated - I'll explain if people are interested :)

Breakfast: Fruit only (no bananas or dried fruit)

Run 3.5 km - basic series of sit ups, knuckle push ups and light weight training

2 egg omelette & slice of toast (around 9am.)

Midday: Walk, run flat ground & hills (6km) with a horse (no riding)

Lunch: Miso soup (Japanese) with brown rice.

Late afternoon: 45 minutes of heavy horse riding.

Dinner: 200g lean steak with salad.

I completely stopped: all dairy products, all caffeine (tea & coffee), all alcohol, all wheat based products - all refined sugar (including brown sugar). I take about 500ml of fresh vegetable juice daily (carrot, parsley, cucumber, apple & celery). It is important to understand that these changes are not permanent - as soon as the body is strong and the liver function normalise, you can slowly introduce the above - in moderation of course. Your body will let you know when it can't cope.

The reason for the 'slow' beginning is the release of toxins (normally takes about 2 weeks). I have to keep on working - my line of work is very physical, can't afford to feel down, depressed or ill. As toxins are released and the liver can do what it does best - then the intensity of training will increase.

This is in a nutshell - there is much, much more to it. If anyone is interested in just loosing that 'rolls' - there are easier ways of doing it ;) It is possible to balance your metabolism without any strenuous exercise - that is by diet only and a bit of walking and basic stretching.

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Toe ek begin lees dog ek toe so bymyself, hier is nou iets wat ek wil probeer! MAAR: 3,5 km draf is jy silly ek sal nie eers 1,5 maak nie! En Miso soup???? Hoes jou proe kliertjies? En waar kry ekke hier in Brissie 'n blerrie Perd! Die res sal ek kan handle!

Wat nou van my oggend Koffie en as jy noggie weetie ek rook!! Wat doen ek sonner die Nicotine?

Doen nou ene vir ons girlies toe, net so bietjie maklikker om van so 5 na 10kg ontslae te raak!! Seblieffie!! Ene wat ons metabolic rate so bietjie opstoot!

By the way ek was die afgelope 6 maande onder Homeopathic treatment vir Migranes, en nous hulle weg en nog so lot anner kwale. Dit werk regtig!! Al wou ek in die begin so bietjie doubt!



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Gelukkig is pap nie "wheat-based" nie!!!

Sterkte Maurits, ons karnifore sal maar swaar kry!


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Gelukkig is pap nie "wheat-based" nie!!!

Sterkte Maurits, ons karnifore sal maar swaar kry!


Ek sal lief om n gesonder lewe te leef en daarmee saam n meer gebalanseerde mens te wees. Ek self is n fisioloog en n "human movement scientist" maar het maar in die industriele deel gespesialiseer want ek is oortuig

1) As jy hardloop geniet kan jy kinders ook eet

2) Gym is vir die antichris

3) My bloed-kaffein vlak is iets wat in balans gehou moet word. Te veel bloed en te min kaffeine is lewens gevaarlik...en ek werk met radioaktiewe stowwe so jy moet jou "cocktail" van gevaarlike substanse reg hou- en koffie is deel van my daaglikse dosis.

Ek sal eerder op ander maniere oefening wil inkry...wat van kite surfing? lyk so lekker as daai ouens so hop oor die water, of stap met honde, of tuinwerk dis mos ok fisies?

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Thanks Mauritz, I'll save this article for future reference. :ilikeit:

At the moment though, some basic excercises and a daily 3 - 5 km run is sufficient for me. As we are quite keyed in to healthy eating in Casa La Dax, i find thatI'm OK with whatever Mrs Dax puts on my plate.

What you said about the function of the liver though, is a bit new and interesting, and I'll check that aspect out further.



Edited by Dax
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Stem saam met Nilo. 10kg afskud ja, maar 15kg! Die engelsman gaan 'n oorval kry, want dan moet ek weer winkels toe vir nuwe klere!

Ons ry fiets. Het al die 94.7 en van Jozi tot in Warmbad gery, maar haat dit om te hardloop. Seker omdat ek net soos Mauritz, alles voel hop op my lyf! Stem dus saam met Henriette.

Ek gaan ook sukkel om sonder my long-life milk (Amarula cream) klaar te kom. Dink die detox sal my hard slaan hier.

As Mauritz die dieet 'n bietjie aanpas vir die vrouens, is my naam bo-aan die lys.

En ek sê mos, dis hoekom 'n dieet nie vir my werk nie... dit het als te doen met 'n perd!

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Nee man Mauritz, jou dieet is heeltemal te ingewikkeld. Ek sal sekerlik maer word daarop, maar ek kan jou nou al sê dat dit onmoontlik sal wees om daarop te bly.

Voel nes die ander vrouens. Maak vir ons 'n meer "gebruikersvriendelike" weergawe. Almal kan en wil nie hardloop of perdry nie. Iets soos strekoefeninge of keuses tussen draf/stap/fietsry is dalk makliker vir die gemiddele man op straat (of is dit nou vrou in die huis). Ook, ek het ook my kaffeien nodig, doen darem nie te veel in 'n dag nie, maar sê eerder vir ons bv nie meer as x aantal koppies per dag nie.

Henriette, jammer, maar ek's mal oor hardloop (Comrades en al daai gedoen. Post-baba nie meer tyd nie, baie onfiks en moet paar kg verloor [dis nie die baba se skuld nie]), maar het dit regtig nog nooit oorweeg om kinders te eet nie. Ek verstaan almal hou nie daarvan nie, maar drawwers is 'n vreeslike nice spesie mens (ek belowe). Om die kilo's om te kry moet mens nonsens met jou mede klubmaats kan gesels en veral as julle in heeltemal verskillende rigtings werk is die stresontlading heerlik, want mens praat nie werk nie en teen die tyd wat jy by die huis kom is al jou sorge van die dag vergete.

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