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School going age?


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Can anyone explain the school going age in Aus for kids?

It does seem like the kids have to enter school one year earlier than back in SA, is this the case?


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Kindy (Grade 0 equivalent) - child must be 5yrs by 31 July

Year 1 (Grade 1 equivalent) - child must be 6yrs by 31 July

Kindy is a compulsory year.

SA equivalents are BEHIND Aus. We moved June 2007 with a child that was in Kindy and are still catching up.

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It varies depending on the state. In NSW children can start kindergarten if they turn 5 before the end of July (yes that means they'll be 4 and a half). However, you can hold your child back if you want, especially if you feel they are not ready to start. My niece will turn 5 in February next year and her parents have decided not to send her until the following year, just before she turns 6. It is compulsory for them to start formal schooling by the time they are 6 though. So if they turn 5 at the end of this year or in January it's probably best that you send them next year (otherwise you may have to start them in the middle of the year) You can home school if you prefer (although I wouldn't recommend it) and if you want to send your child to something to get them ready (we call it pre-school. In SA I believe it's pre-primer?) you can send them as young as 3 providing they are fully toilet trained.


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