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Hi at last

Rose and Terry

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Hi All

We have been avid readers of this forum for many months now, and have gathered heaps of useful info from all of you. So we decided it was finally time to join the forum and introduce ourselves.

We are from East London and actually started this whole process about 8 years ago, when being impulsive and uniformed, we jumped into using a migration agent. But at that stage my heart really wasn't in it and I was reluctant to leave my family (Rose), so when the agent messed up our TRA application and Terry was assessed under the wrong occupation, we just left things hanging and never took it any further.

In 2005 we had a baby boy, and after that we started thinking seriously emigrating again, as there is no future for him in this country. In February 2007 we submitted a second TRA application, for which we received approval on the 15 March.

We then took a while to gather all the neccessary documents for our 136 Visa (MODL), as we kept finding out about additional requirements that our agents had neglected to tell us about.

Our application was received by DIAC on 20 June 2007, and we were allocated a case worker 26 November 2007. Our medicals were sent on 21 Dec, and we are still waiting for police clearance (Agents advised us not to frontload).

So basically we are into the final stretch now, and feel like we might actually get to Australia some time in the not too distant future. Hence we have been exploring this forum in great depth once again to help us with some of the nitty gritty decisons.

So I'm sure you will be hearing more from us as we head into this next leg of our journey.

Rose & Terry

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Hi Flash

I cant believe it, everyday I get onto this site there is a newbie added to this page. Kinda scary actually. I have told my current employer about our plans to go to Oz and since then I have had 8 people in my office coming to me for info on how to get an Ozzie Visa...

Naturally I direct them here :D

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Hi Flash and welcome.

It is so great to get to know new and not so new people on the forum, especially that we are all in the same boat.The boat that is going to slowly ..Hee Hee..Hope the final leg of your application goes quickly..

Regards Eileen

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It is scary. There are currently 4 people at my company (that I am aware of) waiting for 136 visas, and we will probably all resign within a couple of months of each other.

Our next door neighbour is leaving on 14 March for NZ. Everywhere you turn people are fleeing the country. It is just so awesome to have a forum like this where you can share your experiences, fears and questions with people who are going through the same thing, cause as exciting as it is......I'm scared out of my mind...... :(


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Welcome to the site! To add on to some of the posts, it really is quite scary when you see how many people are leaving. A colleague and I are both leaving our employer, and I've also had quite a few people from work speak to either me or my wife regarding the move to Aus, and they also want to go now. Look around you, the brain drain is happening as we speak!

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