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I guess it's time to say hallo...


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Hallo to all of you!

Feels like I already know so many of you, have been reading and reading and reading.....

My sister and her family moved to Brisbane in November 2005, I was soon to follow but it took some time to work through all the emotions of leaving the country in which you were born! So in November 2006 I started the long journey of collecting all the documents I would need in order to gain a Skilled visa.

By March 07 I had everything ready to apply for accreditation and did just that. Was not ready for the reply (June 07) though, the CPA said I need 4 instead of 3 subjects and I am so not in the mood to study right now! A little crushed, :( I began to read up about all the other options available, Regional Skilled, Employer sponsored, etc, etc. I got to know the immi website very well! I eventually came to the conclusion that Permanent Residency is the best option for me (as my sister and I wish to be able to sponsor my parents as soon as possible) So, I sent my docs to the ICAA and hoped and prayed for the best.

My parents went to visit my sister for 6 weeks in July 07 and were really impressed with Australia, “Everything works!” my father said on their return (amongst a lot of other things, off course! :D )

So in September I was surfing the net, trying to figure out when the ICAA will be sending their answer and I came across a little sentence that explained something about a policy change regarding the necessity of Australian Tax and Commercial law that came into place on the 1st of September 07! I was out of my skin with joy! Had a look at the CPA’s website and lo and behold there it was, the same policy change. So I sent them a little e-mail requesting a re-assessment and then waited….

26 October 07, I got a letter from the CPA – I qualified!!! :D

2 November 07, I got a letter from the ICAA – I qualified (Again!!)

Needles to say I was over the moon, proceeded immediately to apply for VE 175 online, 5 November my application was acknowledged, medicals done 22 November 07, got Police Clearance 3 December 07 and well, now I am waiting…..

So while I am waiting, I am enjoying the forum’s wealth of information and just knowing there are so many of you also waiting, really make it a lot easier!

Thanks for all the info and the overall positive attitude of the whole forum!

Maria :whome:

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Welcome Maria ... You will do fine you have family in Aus and that in itself is priceless if your really bonded to your family .. I guess now your into the final countdown enjoy the time left in SA as that can never ever be replaced ( damn I wish now I lived life more and worried less when we were in Aus as we are now Aussie expats in Nor CAL usa) a look forward to the journey your end destination is going to put you on

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Hey Maraai,

What a great feel-good story!! Congratulations on a) your perseverence and b)your positive skills assessment :whome:

Hope everything else goes as smoothly for you, and now that you've said hi, it's be great to see more posts from you in the future :D



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Hi daar.

Baie welkom op die forum.

Hoop jy kry al jou antwoorde wat jy soek.

Hoop als werk vir jou reg uit en volgens plan.



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Thank you everyone!

I am really looking forward to seeing my sister and her family again! Haven't seen the little ones for 2 years now and I was used to seeing them at least twice a week!

Will be staying with my sister for the first 2/3 months, until I am on my own feet and have earned some AUZ$$$! Will have a bit more time than most to find a place to rent, for which I am really grateful.

:blush: A question I've had for some time though is this: What would you have taken with you that you didn't and also what would you've rather left behind?


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