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Rugby Union in Adelaide


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I have had requests from potential new arrivals to Adelaide on Rugby Union clubs here in Adelaide as many parents want their sons to continue / start rugby union once they make the move here. Other want to continue / start to play themselves. Unlike some other states,South Australia and Adelaide is dominated in popularity by AFL ( Aussie Rules Football ), then the rugby codes NRL ( National Rugby League ) and of course Rugby Union. The last 2 codes in no particular order. We do not have Rugby league in South Africa to my knowledge, suffice to say it is very similar to Union, just less players and almost no scrums, among other differences. In terms of Rugby Union, there are a number of clubs around Adelaide. These clubs attract Aussies as well as a lot of other nationalities, including a number of South Africans. Quite a few of these clubs also offer junior rugby coaching and games, starting from around 9 years old I think ( similar to "bulletjie Rugby" in Pretoria ). They also offer senior teams and also over 35 year of age teams for the "more advanced" players ( like me :ilikeit: ). Some even have womans teams.

The clubs welcome any new people and members, playing or just as spectators / supporters to Adelaide and the clubs and are always looking to involve people and especially make use of volunteers at events and in coaching roles. It is also a great way to start / continue integration into Australian society. You will find the atmosphere friendly and welcoming at these clubs.

Here is the link to the South Australian Rugby Union site, on there you will find links to a lot of different clubs around Adelaide.


Maybe we meet at a club or event soon :jester:


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In addition to the clubs, some schools also play rugby union. St Peter's College, where I work, plays RU at high school level, and they play against Pembroke, Westminster, Princ Alfred College and Sacred Heart college. There are all expensive private schools though.

My children attend Blackwood High school (state school) and they play rugby union there as well. There's even a girls' rugby team, but I think it's rugby league, not sure!

BlackWood Primary school played in the rugby union sevens SAPSSASA (school sports knockout) tournaments.

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Thanks for this thread Marius & Annette! :ilikeit:

I’m an Onkaparinga Rugby Union supporter – Go the Red Devils!!!

Ahhhh, Rugby Union, the game they play in Heaven! :ilikeit: You gotta love the game! :ilikeit:

Cheers Dax

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Thanks Annette,

You see, I did not even know that they play it at schools, good info.

Dax - I am in the process of joining Burnside RU club, because they are close to where I live and I am a local boytjie :ilikeit: Maybe we meet in the club competition somewhere. Yes, I regularly tell my Aussie AFL supporter mates that the chaps not good enough for or....uhhhm...to feminine to play Rugby Union go to AFL, because RU is a real man's game :ilikeit: This gets a reaciton evey time. :ilikeit::ilikeit:

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I had to laugh at the comment about Aussie Rules being too "ladylike".

Good one!

In the Eastern States (at least in New South & Queensland) where League is played, they call Aussie rules "Aerial Ping-Pong" cos the ball is always being kicked in the air, it seems.

My young bloke plays "Rules".

The players aren't your solid bloke built like a battleship as in Rugby . . . Union or League.

They are runners, and the miles or kilometres run in an average "Footy" (Rules) game can amount to quite a few in the 100 mins of play (4 Quarters, 25 mins a quarter)

The injuries involved are different in Rules too . . . . mainly knee and ankle injuries, as opposed to the injuries in Rugby being broken shoulders, ribs, etc after full on tackles.

I noticed the soccer games are attracting crowds of 25 000 nowadays when Adelaide United, the local soccer team, play one of the other interstate teams in the national soccer A-League.

Too bad one of the Rugby networks, Union or League, can't get it together to play a couple of professional games in Adelaide to attract new supporters.

There was a move a couple of years ago to sign a petition to get the A.C.T. Brumbies to play one or two of their games in Adelaide during the season to widen their support base. I wonder what the outcome of that was?

I'd be interested in watching a game or theirs if they ever visited, even though I'm a League man.

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