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City of Knox


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Anybody living in this area? Trains, busses and traffic to Mulgrave (about 8-13km away) area?

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Hi there

There are no train line that runs direct from Lysterfield or Rowville to Mulgrave. I have friends who live in Rowville and they drive to the nearest train station which is Ferntree Gully station, about ten minutes drive; but this still wont get you to Mulgrave direct. I think your best option would be to travel by car as the distance is not too far away; although you should remember traffic is very heavy after 7am in the morning.

If you have any other questions let me know


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Thanks Jill, see that the bus service will help me. About 30 minutes to Mulgrave in peak hour traffic...


Ahem Mate just a ?

is that 30mins from a bus top pickup point to end destination or entire journey with some car travel as my hubby traveled from Wantirna to Mulgrave where he last worked before he was seconded to the USA and it took him by Car 30mins but that was him leaving at 7 am to avoid congested peak hour traffic. However Rowville and Lysterfield is a bit further out so it may take you a bit more than 30mins dependent on which route you go as some of the roads are one/two lanes max eg the Wellington rd extension that goes to Rowville on route to Lysterfield

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