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jose m

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Hi Guys

I would just like to share a few things with you all. I have been browsing the net for a while now, looking at all the recruitment sites and sending out my CV to all that intrested me but the only responses i would get would be "please call us when you arrive" or " we only employ permanent residents". So i took a chance and e mailed all the companys that replied to me in any way saying that i would be in Australia shortly and asked if they would be interested in meeting with me, almost all of them replied yes. I then arrangged a short notice trip "fortunately i was able to" and set up my appointments with all the intersested parties. It whent very well and i have had a couple of very good offers with 457 sponsership. We have to understand that it will be very difficult for someone to employ somebody from another country whom they know nothing about and accept the responsibilty of sponsirship. Just thought i would share this with everyone because i am sure that there are many people that are in the same position.

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My version... with the same spectacular results. As Jose said, once they know you are committed to travel to them, things change!

Hi name / The HR Manager,

I am planning a 3 week visit to Australia for the purpose of meeting potential employers in the add your field of experince market at the end of October 2007 till mid November 2007.

I've got ### years your field of expertise experience as an your position. Also more for about the same period and more for the last ## years.

I am looking for a permanent role as a your role, but I am very flexible in this regard.

Subject to visa delays and flight availability, my schedule is as follows:

Melbourne : add dates

Sydney : add dates

Perth : add dates

Brisbane : add dates

Adelaide : add dates

Canberra : add dates

(remove some of these places as you get responses)

Please find my resume and cover letter attached for your consideration.

I can be contacted on +27 (0)cell no or who@where.co.za at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Joe Soap

more contact details

and your time zone GMT+2

Make sure you have at least a holiday visa, takes about 3 weeks, before you start with this. You would need invitations from friends or quotes from guest houses with your visa application. I booked with Quantas because you get 2 free/cheap flights with every leg. Straight to Sydney, free to Brisbane, R350 to Melbourne. Then go home, free to Adelaide, R350 to Perth then home (with SAA :ph34r: ). Otherwise you fly cheap to Aus and pay around R2800 for every leg... :ilikeit: Used Flight Centre.

During the initial job hunt, when you send your resume/cv, phone within 24 hours and introduce yourself, confirming that they have received your resume. Thats all, never mind the reaction whether negative or positive. So when they receive the above, they already know you and they actually red your CV. If you don't, they take one look at the .co.za adres and turf it!!! :holy: The worst experinces where with agencies (sorry guys, we have a different agenda to yours ;) ), they could not manage 1 interview. :lol: Find companies in your field via http://seek.com.au or http://www.yellowpages.com.au/.

Before you go, visit the transport sites and plan your route to each and every interview. Trains, trams or busses, it quite easy. Google "transport" in every city.

ps. Please feel free to fix/add to my email above ;)

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My version... with the same spectacular results. As Jose said, once they know you are committed to travel to them, things change!

I concur with moegeploeg and jose: once they hear you're actually going to be IN Australia, things change very quickly. I went from having no prospects, after sending hundreds of CVs out (to recruiters and companies alike), making lots and lots of phone calls, all of them saying "we'd love to meet you in person" or "we'd interview you tomorrow and place you the next day, if you were here".

After a lot of urging from my fiancee, and lots of gnashing of teeth (from me), I bit the bullet, spent the cash (it came to about R10k for return flight) and went for an LSD and some interviews in Melbourne and Perth. If you're looking for a position in IT, Melbourne and Sydney are the best places to apply, Perth not so much, tho it is growing rapidly.

Had time for about 1 or 2 meets a day at the most, and came back with a job contract signed. You'll be amazed how helpful and open they are once you meet them in person. Some told me straight up (after the interview) that I wasn't what they were looking for, which is actually good, means you don't waste time. I went for a follow-up or two as well. Others wanted to know how quickly I could start :ilikeit:

Just make sure that you allocate enough time and interviews to make the prospects of being hired as good as you can. You'll probably take a bit of a hit in salary to begin with, but the idea is to get a foot in the door. Once you're there, all sorts of other doors will open for you.

Now just to wait for the 457... it's agonising! :holy:

Good luck to all of you!

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Because we fisrt got a PR visa and then just arrived, we did not have to go though this. But I know several who even came on look see but were not properly prepared, they were told "as soon as you have a visa, talk to us". I guess it depends on the shortage of skilled people at the time I think

I woud go a step further and have your skills assesed if possible. You need this to convert to PR anyway as far as I understand.

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Brilliant thread! :ilikeit: Thanks for the advice. I got the same responses: "Let us know when you arrive and we will be happy to set up some interviews..."

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