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Emergency services - Ambulance


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Good morning,

Does anyone, by any chance, know of any paramedic or EMT/First Aid Training jobs or EMS dispatch work in the Queensland region? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance :holy:

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Guest Mauritz

It is all over the news today - South East Queensland is going to increase its Ambulance/Paramedic service. I did a quick search and found this:


I also talked to a paramedic from Brisbane the other day - he looked at a block of land in Stanthorpe, according to him there's a shortage of paramedics in especially South East Queensland. He can get a transfer to Stanthorpe in no time.

In the above news line they also mention 'international recruitment' - you're looking at the right area.

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Guest Mauritz

Great :thumbdown:

We're in Stanthorpe - if you end up in South East Queensland and you visit my little town - just ask around for the mad South African (actually Namibian or Suidwester - but they can't pronounce either) - they'll point you in the right direction :ilikeit:

All the best.

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