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Eight months on in Brisbane


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I was initially going to post this in Ladies Lounge, but after reading some of the recent threads, I thought this might give a bit of insight to those that still have to make the move, and give a little extra to think about.

My hubby landed in Brisbane in the middle of March07, and the kids and I followed 2 weeks later. We never did an LSD trip, but I tell you when I landed here, I felt as though I had come home. Sounds strange I know, but that's the truth!

We have been very fortunate in that we have settled in very quickly and haven't had any problems fitting in or adjusting. The freedom here is absolutely amazing, and I thank God every day that we were able to have this opportunity for our kids future. We've been lucky in that we bought our own home 3 months after arriving here, and that plays a major part in feeling rooted and having a sense of belonging - for us anyay. I often read how some members miss the country itself (RSA) and personally I don't have that problem at all. Admittedly, it's very beautiful and we were lucky enough to holiday all over good ol SA. But, likewise, Australia is just as amazing - what i've seen of it so far. And the added beauty is that I can enjoy it without being petrified.

The VERY hard part for me, is missing my family and friends. Since we left, a number of things have happened, and I always feel so cut off and hopeless and far away - unable to do anything.

My Oumatjie was 91 and she had a fall in the beginning of Nov and they had to do a hip replacement. Septicaemia set in and because she was weak and frail, there was nothing they could do. She passed away on the 21Nov.

My brother is diabetic and he got a virus that made him REALLY ill and he was like man down for about 2 weeks. He's my youngest brother and was a laat lammetjie, so also feels like my son not just my brother. We're very close and I felt so terrible not being there.

I was chatting to my mum over the phone beginning of this week, and she tells me her and my dad went for their yearly checkups and the doc did blood tests on both of them. Doc isn't too happy with one of my dad's test results and they want to operate.

My niece is 4 and I love her like I love my own kids. I have lots of other nieces and nephews, but this little one stole my heart. I was chatting to her on the phone last night, and she started to cry and said I must please come home cos my holiday has lasted too long.

NOTHING and NOBODY can prepare you for how you will feel when you get this kind of news. These are all things you try and prepare for before the time, and while you talk about it in theory, it's one thing. It's kind of like 'it's not actually going to happen to you'. When it happens in reality, it's a whole different ball game.

Yes, I've cried a good many tears. Plenty times i've wished i could be in 2 places at the same time. If i could, i'd be there to hug and comfort my mum, who i know is so worried. I'd cuddle my niece and spoil her rotten. I'd be there for my dear friend, whose marriage seems to be coming apart at the seams, and a shoulder for another friend (whom i consider as a sister) whose battling with severe depression, and at the same time, i'd also be here in Australia - a country i love more than the one i was born in!

To all of those still on the way over - make the most of the time you have with friends and family. Don't get too caught up in the plans to get over here. I made time and have so many special memories to cherish. Trust me - it gets you through the days when you miss them, cos then you don't have regrets!

To those already here - I know I haven't walked in your shoes, but I do know that if you give this country a chance, it has so much to offer. Open your heart and life and embrace Australia, and you too will feel at home!

Take Care


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Hi Noddy

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, we also felt immediately at home here so can completely relate! I'm very sorry to hear of your heartache and your family's health problems, I hope everything goes well with your Dad and he recovers quickly. But your positive attitude is inspirational to us all!

All the best


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hi there

The more i read posts like these,the more i realize that relocating doesn,t come for free.There will be tears,sometimes more than other times....It has its prize...As long as nothing happens to u in sa, u r comfortable,and u r not a worrypot....someone who lives for only today and the family...or good job here...things in sa seems to be fine.Untill something happens with the nice job,or more personally u become a crime statistic.....Then there is also tears....I just think of all the tears flowing from zimbabwe,.....Which side of the knive cuts the sharpest...?

I myself r just to much of a planner....I like to know i have options,choices....I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A PRISONER OF AFRICA.And i do not want to be at the mercy of an african culture who has so much baggage about my culture....Who will continue to discriminate against me on a group and historical level and not treat me as the free individual i am.So yes i will cry for my family in oz,but will rejoice for my freedom.Why does my freedom need to come with such a huge emotional price? My captivity in africa also has a price...Again...Which part of the knive cuts the sharpest..We need to pay a price for this freedom....Only u can determine what u can afford to pay..Thats what makes relocating such a unique choice .Its different for everyone..Know Thyself....For all the sore hearts...I believe it gets better...all involved in the seperation needs to go through an adjustment period...Find ways to keep the communication and involvement going even if its from such a distance....I know of families staying a few km.s from each other who never make the effort of visiting.Its not the distance its the hearts that make the difference...Its the will to make the effort of showing interest through calls ,skype ..etc.

Nothing nothing is greater than the love not even the oceans thats seperate oz from sa!!!

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Cannot add anything but say that your post is excellent! Thank You for sharing it with all of us.

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Thanks for sharing Noddy.

It gives us still on this side a better idea on what to expect on an emotional level.


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