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Afrikaaner jokes


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Crime in Airports Study

A study was made recently to determine the average crime rate at international airports around the world. The study made use of an ordinary-looking man standing in the airport terminal and reading a newspaper. He had an empty briefcase next to him which he would ignore. Observers then recorded how long it took for the briefcase to be snatched.

At Brussels, the case was stolen within 4 minutes and 20 seconds. At Washington DC, it was stolen within 3 minutes and 16 seconds. At Heathrow, the briefcase was snatched in less than 2 minutes. In New York, the case was stolen within 1 minute and 5 seconds and in Los Angeles, it took only 43 seconds before the case was snatched.

The experiment was going to be carried out at Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa, but the people conducting the study were hijacked on the way there.


1. An afrikaans doctor that does circumcisions............Dr. P.P. Snyman

2. An Afrikaaner Gynaecologist...................Dr.Koek-e-moer

3. What do we call an Afrikaner who doesn't go to church...........Van NieKerk

4. What do you call an Afrikaner who failed June exams..............Viljoen

5. What do you call an Afrikaner that trips and falls in the mountains.........Van der Berg

6. The Afrikaner that votes in EVERY election ......Wouter

7. The Afrikaner that drives the loud Datsun Stanza........Basson

8. The Afrikaner that is very well endowed .........De Lange

9. A Male Afrikaner that prefers other male species...... De Kock

10. The Afrikaner thats always high.......Potgieter

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