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Several positions for Accountants


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Hi Everyone,

The following is a quote from Ross Branford Migration & Relocation Services:

Dirk will be accompanied in Johannesburg by Jan Rose and Lucy Gardner. Jan and Lucy are travelling to South Africa to interview ACCOUNTANTS for several positions in Australia. Most Australian employers require you to travel to Australia (at your expense) to interview. It is rare to have the privilege of an interview in South Africa so it is well worth taking advantage of this occasion. Appointment slots are limited and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. It is advisable to call Colleen on 084 222 3335 as soon as you receive this email to book an appointment. It is very important to note that you must be eligible for registration as an Accountant in Australia (i.e. you must have formal tertiary qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor degree to be considered as a skilled Accountant for the purpose of migration to Australia.)

If you are a:

Senior/CA/CPA Accountant

Graduate Accountant with minimum 3 years experience (Intermediate level)

External Audit Senior Accountant

book to see Jan and Lucy.

We also require:

Electro Mechanical Fitters

Armature Rewinders

Fitter with pump experience (either piston or plunger)

Diesel Plant Fitter/Plant Mechanic

Farm/machinery mechanics

Yamaha outboard motor mechanics

Town Planners, Design Drafters, or Environmental Health people (Queensland positions)

Please email your CV (resume) to migration@rossbranford.com.au. It is recommended that you include your name and occupation in the subject line of your email.

Hope it helps someone... :rolleyes:

Bye, Pippa! X

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