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I just need to tell someone.

My girlfriend started experiencing some depression episodes earlier last week. I had a hard time trying to talk to her. She wouldn't talk to me over the phone and our conversations were through facebook or txt msg. They were very short and she wouldn't tell me what was going on. Grr... Frustrating. I met up with her parents on Saturday. They didn't know what was happening. I invited myself to her place and found her in a wreck. She couldn't explain why she felt that way. I suspect it's clinical depression. Her parents also came over. She got better and after a few hours was back to her happy self.

The following morning I checked up on her and she had the same problem. Dammit! I don't have an excuse. I know better than to leave her alone. Anyway. I haven't left her alone since. She finally saw her doctor this morning. He's prescribed anti-depressants and she's got to go for counselling next week.

Whew! What a week!

I've asked a friend to keep an eye on me as I tend to have depression episodes a week or two after high stress incidents. But I haven't told him the story. The poor guy is pretty confused.

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Depression is a terrible thing. Fortunatly, you have managed to get her some help, in the form of couciling and anti - depressants. Good luck. Remember that you are not alone out there.


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Lots of hugs, special care, enough sleep and finding out if there isn't something other than clinical causing it - a circumstance that she needs to work through in her mind.

Look after yourself too! If you do not have the strength to support her, you both can find yourself in trouble.

Will be praying for you


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Guest Bronwyn

Hi there

I think it's great that you stepped in and helped her. A lot of people don't understand depression and think you can snap out of it. You can't. It is usually a chemical imbalance in the brain, and your doctor will know whether you need anti-depressants, counselling or both.

Please remember to look after yourself too, you can't be there for your girlfriend if you are not ok yourself.

Remember she should give the medication at least 3 months to start doing it's job. She also mustn't try and go off it on her own afterwards. The whole process must be controlled medically.

Your girlfriend is lucky to have you looking out for her and understanding. :D Sometimes you can't cope on your own any more and when that's the case, its time to admit it and get help. :)

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Hi .

My business partner had (still has a bad chemcial imbalance) that stared a few years back even to the degree that he tried a few times to commit sucide (must be relalistic here depending on her stages).

We even sent him to the UK for shock thereapy, this did not work and then he also spent a few months in the berg at a clinic.

Overall today he manages it fairly well, but still cannot cope very well with life the way it is.

No doom & gloom just the realities of dealing with this scenario.

Good luck.


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Hang in there things well get better!!!!!! Anti depressants take 4 to 6 weeks to work and then you could suffer from side effects it could be a while before she finds the right one. In the mean time the best thing you can do when some one has depression is to listen understand and be paysent with them. Never blame yourself sometimes things might be said that hurt but it’s the depression talking. It is a good thing that she is in therapy that helps a lot. I’m on face book to send me her name and ill talk to her give her encouragement let her know she is not alone tanya@transformi.com all the best :rolleyes:

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