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Urgent help required


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Executive_Summary.doc.pdfDear All

After falling pregnant about 6 years ago my husband and I decided that SA was not the place to raise our son. We both agreed on Australia. We went to see an immigration agent who said our chances of getting in are very low at the time. We then decided to go via Germany as my husband is German. We spent 3 years in Germany then started our immigration process, for which we had given ourselves to years to complete. During the beginnig stages, a lady told me that my son has to start school in 2008 and not in 2009 like we thought. So our immigration process was cut short by a year.

We then found out that the shortest route for us to take was to get a SPONSOR. I managed to secure 2 sponsors and had a 3rd one lined up just as back up. They were all ' Labour Hire' Companies.

Because I received this sponsorship, I then also received a letter of invitation from an employment agency to come and attend face to face interveiws.

I applied for my 456 visa which allows me to come for interveiws but not to work. I arrived in Australia with my 5 year old son on the 16th of September 2007. I attended interveiws and things went well and I was offered a job. Then came the time to go through with the sponsorship issues. It was then that one of my sponsors told me the bad news. They had just finished at a seminar where they were told that NO "labour Hire" co. is allowed to sponsor people into Australia anymore until they have labour agreement in place with the government, which none of them aparently have yet. So within a minute I went from having 3 sponsors to having none.

My 456 visa expires in December and the only way I can stay in the country is if I find a company who will sponsor me directly.

If there is anyone out there who knows of someone who would be willing to sponsor either me or my husband for even 3 months that would be great because at least it would be 3 months longer to find another sponsor. My husband is still in Germany and has resigned and will be joining us in December. What a mess!

Asseblief mense ek het nou al genoeg ge huil ek het nou regtig help nodig asseblief, help my, my visa tyd loop nou kort!

Baie baie dankie vir die luister :blush-anim-cl:

Carmen Spatz

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Hi Carmen,

We might be able to help if your still in the same situation. We just need to find you or your husband a job where a company sponsor you. That is possible. With what companies did you have interviews with when you visited Perth in September/October - wasn't anyone of them willing to sponsor you?

Let me know and what type of work are you husband do in Germany? I do engineering recruitment and some of our clients sponsor people - well most of them do. I do have a client that is looking for Project/Employee Accountants at this very moment - it might be a option for you.

Kind regards


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Carmen, that is such bad luck! I ran into the same thing when I was applying a couple of months ago, tho my situation was not nearly as bad as yours :ilikeit:. I can't help you directly tho, but we'd like to wish you the best of luck!

There's another chap called "Carey" here on the forums (as well as spacemuis) that may also be able to help...

Hang in there, it'll work out! :)

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Hi there,

We were in the same situation, received a job off in Sept 2007! Then told could not make the 'labour agreement ', which may take 7 months from then.

We then thought we'ld rather wait until our PR visa arrives.. And now have a case officer and waiting for hubby's IELTS results to send to him ... We believe everything happens for a reason, and what is meant for you will happen.

carmen, Don't worry, hopefully there will will good news soon.


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Dear All

We are sitting in Switzerland now as Our time ran out in Australia. I have been feeling so alone this side but today after reading your messages it just gave me hope that there are people out there that actually do care. God knows just what I needed! It means alot to me that youall replied! THANKYOU

My hubby and I are now considering returning back to SA to try and settle down but trying to find work I was told is not easy, but we also believe everything happens for a reason and will just keep trying until the right door opens.

Someone asks what my hubby and I do but our cvs are too big too fit on here, I would therefore like to give you my direct email address so that I may get my cv through to you.


If we find a sponsor to Australia we will still definately go, but this time we will seriously need a company who would also be willing to pay transport costs, as our money has run out.


Thanks a mil once again to you all!

Yours sincerely

Carmen Spatz

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