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TV Channels in Perth

Guest Die Carelsen's

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Guest Die Carelsen's

Hi everyone,

Was just wondering how many TV channels there is in Perth. We and how does it compare to the SABC channels and e-tv. Not sattelite, as we could never see the logic behind paying for channels one don't watch half the time and we really not in front of the TV all that much, but used to watch 7de laan every evening whilts having supper.



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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is set on channel 2 in every capital city around Australia, so no matter whether you're in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney or Hobart you can turn the channel to No.2 and watch the "A.B.C."

Next is the Special Broadcasting Service which broadcasts into every capital city and regional areas also.

You'll find the "S.B.S." in Perth also. Just scroll thro all the channels and you'll pick that up too.

S.B.S. is a broadcasting network for ethnics that lots of dinkum Aussies only occasionally watch because of foreign films and soccer being shown a lot, but there are good current affairs programs on the channel.

The commercial channels are 7, 9 and 10 with all the usual American rubbish and soapies to watch, but Channel 7 does have "McLeod's Daughters" which my wife and daughter watch.

It's a romantic soapie, filmed just north of Adelaide in Australia about the life and times of 5 Australian girls on a farm that their dad left them after he died.

You might like to get hooked on that one once a week to see how Australian girls get on in life.

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Sorry Bob, but I must correct you, McLeod's Daughters is not on seven it is on nine.......obviously you do not watch.......

As far as I am concerned there is certainly enough to watch across the five channels for most people.

Perhaps if you are rugby mad, then you may want to get Foxtel (pay tv)

Of course, the best part is that there is no TV license necessary, the five channels are free to air!

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6 channels all free to air, far to much TV really



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Guest Die Carelsen's

Thank you so much for the replies, looking forward to getting addicted to new soaps. I remember when I was still in school they aired a soapie here in RSA from Oz. It was called neighbours. Kylie Monogue and Jason Donavon both played in it.

Enjoyed watching it.

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