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Guest mrs mupersan

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Guest mrs mupersan

Hi all,

Well, it's been a long road for us......

I did my gap year in the UK in '95 and was planning on going over to Oz in '96 and just not coming back to SA. Well, that didn't happen - at the tender age of 23, I just wasn't ready to leave my family and friends.

In 2000 I was working as a pre-planned fuel scheduler for Shell and managed to secure a position in their fuel distribution department in Melbourne. Unfortunately they were having problems in their HR department and, in the 3 month process I had 4 different contacts there. Needless to say, the application they submitted was not complete and was rejected. They needed to fill the position & went for training someone their as apposed to waiting another 3 months for the visa to go through. :ilikeit:

I met my hubby in 2004 and he was also really keen to get over to Oz. His dad was going to immigrate when he was 13 but his mom stopped the whole process (his folks were divorced).

So when we got together, we tried again. We went to an agent here in CT who told us that we just wouldn't cut it - we're the owners of an Audio Visual company in CT but neither of us have any formal qualifications - just experience. There are no qualifications available for the AV industry so it all just seemed a little hopeless after that.

By the way, my brother is over in Oz as an NZ citizen - he married a Kiwi.

Then we decided that hubby would head over to NZ on an LSD, try to secure a job and get in that way. That was the plan for 2008. In the meantime, he had been applying to AV technician jobs via the SEEK website. About a month ago he was approached by 2 different companies! One of them wants us to go through an agent on a skilled worker visa (we pay all costs including flights!) and the other is registered to sponsor AV technicians on 457 visa's. Guess which one he's going for!! Duh!!! :ilikeit:

The initial contract is in Sydney but they are happy to send us to Brisbane after a few months'. My brother & his family are in Banora Point so Brisbane is where we'd love to be.

It's all very exciting - and quite unreal! We're just waiting for the workplace agreement and the finalised letter of offer. This has been a dream for so long.

I'm very grateful that this website/forum exists. I've already learned so much from lurking around for a few days. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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Good luck Mands

I really hope it all works out for you.

all the best


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Happy lurking!

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Hi Mands & welcome to the forum

Good luck with everything. Please have a look at the Cape Town Coffee Club. We are having a get together on the 24th of November. Would love to meet you guys as well.

Enjoy the forum.

Robert & Telanie

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