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Golfing in Old Age


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A bloke used to play golf two or three times a week.

He loved the sport, but in his late seventies, he found he couldn't see the ball anymore.

"I have to give up golf." he told his wife. "I can't see the ball anymore!"

"Take my old dad along with you. He turned 100 last month, but still has perfect eyesight.

He can tell you where the ball is."

Later that week, the bloke picked his father-in-law up and off they went to the golf-course.

The father-in-law told the bloke where his golf ball was, so he could play it.

The ball went flying down the fairway . . . a great shot!

"Alright, Dad. Did you see the ball?"

"Yeah, I saw the ball." said the father-in-law.

"Alright. Where is it now?"

"Er . . Er . . I've forgotten!"

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