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Aberfoyle: school and suburb

Guest Seeya

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Hi Adelaiders,

Husband has now done his second LSD and brought home a lot of video material of Adelaide. When we were in Aus last year, we did not get around to visiting there as well. So the children and I are now moving to a place that we have not seen at all. While he was away I used the time to surf the net a lot and learn about the schools and areas in/around Adelaide.

Any ideas on Aberfoyle region. The Aberfoyle school seems to provide for both my son and daughter's interests, that is why I thought to try this suburb as an option.

I know 'anywhere' is as good as the rest, but maybe someone has a specific opinion.

Thanx in advance


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Aberfoyle Park is in the Southern Suburbs about 25 minutes drive through traffic to the CBD, and is a good place to settle. For the most part it is a quiet and rather enjoyable neighbourhood. We do have our moments sometimes with Hoon Drivers, but in my opinion that is the worst we sometimes have to cope with;

a teenager driving his car like a pork chop.

The schools in the area are:


Aberfoyle Hub Primary

Aberfoyle Park High School (The largest high school in South Oz)

Heysen & Spence Primary Schools at the “Campus”

Flagstaff Primary School


Pilgrim & Nativity Primary Schools at the ”Campus”

Our Saviour Lutheran Primary School near the Hub Shopping Centre.

Aberfoyle Park residential area is roughly divided in two major areas:

* The level area in the vicinity around the “:HUB” shopping centre, fed mostly by Sunnymeade Drive, Manning Rd & Hub Drive.

* The hilly area served b by Greenfield Rise, Outlook Drive and Windebanks Drive as main arteries. These roads are relatively steep and kids that walk home from school up these roads are generally quite fit. I often offer neighbors kids a lift home up-hill when I see them walking, and I assure you, they NEVER decline, not with steam pouring out of their ears on a hot February afternoon. :huh:

The Hub Shopping Centre boasts a Woolworths as well as a Coles with other shops like a butcher, “Go Low”, Ladies & Mens Hairdressers, Public Library (with free Internet facilities), Mitre 10 (Hardware) Bank SA, a Deli, Charcoal Chicken, Video Hire shops, News Agency amongst others. What you need for day-to-day needs you’ll find there. For other things like clothes, appliances I recommend Marion Shopping Centre, about 15 – 20 minutes drive away.

I can’t really say what the median figure for house rent would be, but I imagine it would be around $200 - $250 a week depending on the particular house. I recommend that you try to chase up a place through an agent, renting privately might be tricky sometimes. If you’re lucky you may get off cheaper.

Aberfoyle Park However, is not very close to the sea, it is a 30 minute drive to either Brighton- or O’ Sullivan Beaches. Marino Rocks are closer, but not very suitable for swimming.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you Dax,

your reply is much appreciated. So, you teach in that area. What you tell me seems PERFECT! The children are so excited already, they also have difficulty to be patient. The hoons cannot be worse than the aeroplane noise we are experiencing. (Welgelegen, Cape Town).

If you do not mind to reply to the following as well, please:

I have good faith that we will get the visa reply early 2008. Do you think it makes sense to contact the school already?

Only reason is to find out what the procedures will be and to let the children know at last which Year they will attend. They are both very bright and although they are Afrikaans speaking, they have only minor difficulties with English. They are 11(grade 5) and 12(grade 6). It seems you are the expert in this regard.

The other suburb which my husband considers is Modbury Heights, mainly because my friends cousin stays there and they have emailed their view of the area. I still prefer Aberfoyle Hub Primary, if the internet info is anything to go by.

O yes, Dax, what does your quote Laboris Finem Respice mean? I used my pocket Latin dictionary, but cannot get a clear answer.


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I'll post you the other info that you want ASAP

Laboris Finem Respice: If one's end goal is kept in mind, the hard work of the moment suddenly feels much lighter.



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It would not hurt to contat the schools now, how ever, the procedure is not much elaborate in the State system.

Keep in mind that in most cases however, the principal or a designated person, (e.g. deputy principal), would want to have a pre-enrolment interview with both you and your kids.

Make sure that the school know that your kids are from a non-English background, there are systems to support such kids in the South Australian system.

I live near the Aberfoyle area, but i teach further away in the Seaford Area.



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Not having done Latin now for over 40 years, you're taxing this old bloke's grey matter:

Respicere = to look back at something, where we get the word "respect".

Finis = end . . . . where we get our word "final" from

Labor = work . . . . where we get the word "labour"

"Look back (or have regard to) the end of your work."

Clear as mud?

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Guest Bronwyn

Hi Seeya

When you are looking for a house to rent, make sure it falls into the catchment zone of the school you want. I would contact the school(s) now already, because there are only about 5/6 weeks left in this year, and they will be organising their classes by now for 2008. If you are in the catchment area they cannot refuse you, but if the school is popular and you rent just one street out of the zone your kids will not be allowed in. Our school would not even meet us until we produced a signed lease agreement proving the zoning.

Having said that, most Government Primary Schools in the area will be good. I doubt you would go very wrong with any of them. You can have a look on the Adelaidebrits forum as well, they have a lot of discussions about Adelaide schools on there, you might pick up some insider info.

Houses in Aberfoyle Park range from $220-$420 per week.


Given your kids ages, I would be more concerned about getting into the best zone for a good high school though. We concentrated on the primary school as our eldest was 11, but now only 10 months later we are moving due to being zoned outside of the high school we wanted. :whome:

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, your answers help a lot.

We just had to make some sort of choice, Eeny-Meany-Miny-Mo.

It seems once we are moving, we will not have much time to search and the kids must start school then ASAP. At least my husband had the chance of getting the feel of Adelaide and some of the suburbs. Certain areas just appeal to certain people as far as nature is concerned. Luckily his choices and mine are mostly the same.

For all the ready at hand info and advice - thanks.


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