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Home cleaning services in Perth


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Are there any home cleaning services available in Perth? if so, how much do they cost and what kind of work are they willing to do - e.g. ironing, washing windows ect. also, are there any gardening services available (people to cut lawn...)?

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Hi Kelly

Seems there is alot of us leaving Potties for Perth. You can get someone to do some house work for you at about $25 to $35 an hour. Which is very expensive. You also get people to cut your lawn for about $30-$35 every two to three weeks. The lawns here are as beuatiful as there but not as big. The great big parks with the playgrounds around each neighbourhood makes up for that.


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Window washing is also quire expensive . I got a quote for a double story house. between $250 and $300.00

Thanks I will do my own windows


Enrica :whome:

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I got my windows cleaned for $88 incl GST for the outside of our house, that was for 4 bedroom windows, 4 entertainment room windows, 2 bathrooms, laundry sliding door and a guest loo window.... I thought that was VERY reasonable considering it was finished in just over an hour. It would have taken me hours to do :D

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