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Which medical aid?

Die Krugers

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Hi Everyone

Which medical aid do you suggest we use once in Oz?

We are three in the family, our daughter is 1 year old, we are around 30, and we are generally very healthy.

We will probably only be getting cover for private hospital care, as we are planning on coming over on PR.

Here in RSA we are on Discovery, which is a good medical aid. Looking for something similar wrt good cover and service.

Thanks a mil!


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I wouldnt worry about it till you get here then you can get quotes from them all and decide, they are all much of a muchness. They are really medical insurances, as a PR you automatically join Medicare which covers basics, the medical insurance is mainly for dental, private hospitalisation etc.


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Hi Tania

One thing I would suggest is that you ensure your south african medical aid covers you up until the day you leave SA, and that (if you're going to have private healthcover here) you take it out within your first 30 days. I'm not sure if all the medical companies are the same, but for MBF this counted as if we had had continuous cover, so there were no waiting periods for certain treatments to be covered (pregnancy/birth being one they often exclude you for a year from, plus quite a few non-urgent surgeries). Its not a life-long decision, you can always cancel it a few months after you arrive if you don't believe there's any use.

Just to stick my 2c worth in... if you're considering adding to your family once you arrive in Aus, I would suggest getting private healthcare as this gives you more options/choice in terms of care and treatment. Won't ramble further here, but if you're interested in more detail just shout.


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Hi there

Have a look at choice.com.au they offer trusted information for Australian consumers. They cover things like cars, medical, babies, food, money, computers etc.

Good Luck

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