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Hi again - opinions please!!!!


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Hi All,

You may remember me from some posts in 2006! We've been in the UK for 9 years now and are starting to settle at last. Still we had the nagging question mark about Australia. We went to look at Adelaide in April and really liked it. However, when we got home we decided to stay and not uproot ourselves again.

Because of this I decided to concentrate on the Audiology part of my qualification and say goodbye to Speech Therapy as I can't keep both going here ( and be mom, maid and wife too!!!). BUT before I let go of my Speech I thought I'd better just see If we could get into OZ with my Audio JUST in case we changed our minds AGAIN. To cut a long story short I've ended up with a job offer for Adelaide or Newcastle where I have cousins nearby!!! This weekend the rugby has been the focus ( My husband went to Paris to watch!). But today I have to reply to my job offer on an Employer sponsored visa. HELP!!!!

The biggest change would be that I would be working fulltime! My youngest would be starting school Jan 2009 as she is 5 in Nov 2008. My husband would be leaving a good job here and I have a flexible part time job.

Should we do it? What is Newcastle ,NSW like? Anyone on the forum living there? Seems to make sense to be near family! Anyone on the forum who has moved to OZ missing England?

All opinions welcome!!!

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We are going to Adelaide - not so much that we have been there but living in Durban all the time the humid summers begin to drive you up the wall. Adelaide with the wetter winters will take time getting use to but the dry summers should be nice. I must say that if I was to go to teh east coast Newcastle probabily would have been my choice.

I fancy the quieter life but don't necessarily want to be in the outback. I live about 25 mins inland from Durban (RSA) if get the picture.

Good luck with choice, and I definatly think Aussie is a good choice - you can always take a look at all the areas once you are down under. As you must know nothing is set in stone.

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Hi Sandy,

I stayed in Newcastle for 3 weeks last year and found it to be a really nice city that I could easily live in. Great beaches, shops etc.

It is a working town predominantly with the coal terminals and mining emphasis, but not a grungy, dirty town at all. Definitely worth investigating.


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Hi Sandy,

We lived in the UK for just over 4 years. I also worked in the health service there. Do I miss the UK? Definitely, but I also miss SA . You are always going to miss the good things about a place you lived in and grew to love. But if I went back to SA or the UK I would miss Australia!

The health service in Australia is similar to the NHS.

It may come down to where you would rather see yourself settled in 10 years time...

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Thanks Yvonne,

You are right! There are things we miss about each place! And we can't know what the outcomes of every decision will be. I feel we are going through a process which is important for eventually accepting our new lives and the changes in how we see ourselves. Part of that is having the option to move and maybe choosing not to!!!

Yes, 10 years down the line...now there's a thought. Time flies by and I've spent so much time not living in the moment!!

Thank you for your input again. :)

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