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There's a little place called Wollembi via the "scenic" route from Sydney to the Hunter Valley (about 90 minutes drive). Not many people know about this little town but it is absolutely worth the visit. The town consists of a tavern, museum, police station, post office cum general dealer cum coffee shop and about 3 other little shops selling home made goodies and arty stuff. Behind the General Dealer is an artist workshop where artists in all media work (while you can watch) and have their work on display and for sale. There's also two beautiful little churches. Everything is within a few hundred metres (if it is even as much), so you can park and walk through the whole town. If you're into photography, Wollembi is a must!

About 7km outside Wollembi is a road you can take to Finchley lookout. It is a 30 minute drive up the mountains, taking you to a 360 degrees lookout over the mountains - you can see miles away! There is a nice deck with a table & benches for a sun-downer (no toilet facilities though, so make sure you go in town). Get a bottle of wine from any of the wineries in the area, some cheese & biscuits and wait for the sun to set - It is the most beautiful sunset you'll ever see! (Don't forget the camera!) Ask anyone in town how to get there and they'll tell you. If you go to the tavern for directions you might even get a much more colorful description from a bar regular (quite an experience)!

Off all the beautiful places we've been to in Australia, Wollembi is the most unique and authentic experience we've had.

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Thanks Riekie for sharing this with us!

So nice to see that there are such charming little towns as Wollembi in Australia - can just imagine the 360 degrees view over the mountains and what the sunset must have looked like... Wish I could be there right now!

Would be great to see more photos of Australia - ANY photos - perhaps city life, neighbourhoods, places of interest, parks, what the public transport looks like etc. It can be spectacular & inspiring or leaning more towards the everyday - anything to give those of us still in SA a picture of what life really looks like Down Under!

Looking forward to share in even more Oz visuals.


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