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I have booked a holiday to Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney when my folks are here (8 weeks to go). We only have four days in each city. Can anyone suggest the must see/do things in each city? Please bear in mind that my follks are in their mid-sixties. :)

Your help is much appreciated :holy:


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In a nutshell:

* The McLaren Wine area to the South of Adelaide

* Kangaroo Island

* A stroll along the beaches and on the jetties at either Glenelg or Brighton, I prefer the Brighton Jetty.

* Scenic drives, especially when there 's still a lot of greenery due to winter rains, I would suggest something like:

Drive down to Cape Jervis, then over to Vivtor Harbour, take in soem scenes there, ride on the Horse drawn tram to Granite Island. There are lots of places to eat at Victor Harbour.

Then drive on to Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island, there is a bridge to the Island, maybe you can take in a boat ride on lake Alexandrina from there.

Drive from Goolwa to Strathalbyn, from Strathalbyn I suggest that you take the scenic route to either Aldgate or Handorf.

We did something of the same a few weeks ago. You may not be able to spend much time in each place or you may want to do it in two days, as there is much to do in Handorf itself and north of it is also much to see and do, like the car museum at Birdwood, The Giant Horse and curios shop near Gumeracha, and the Christmas lights in the village of Lobethal usually gets switched on in the beginning of December.

There are also boat trips in the early morning down the gulf of St Vincent, leaving from Port Adelaide, when I fish at Brighton I often spot this 2-mast schooner with tourists on board which I know is based in the Port River Harbor.

Hope this helps,



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Thanks Dax

Will definitely be going to McLaren vale, as my maiden name was McLaren so my folks will want to investigate the history of the place.

So much to do in such a small amount of time :ilikeit:

Anybody got some suggestions for Melbourne and Sydney???

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A drive through the Dandenongs

A drive along the Great Ocean Road

A walk through Victoria Market

A lift trip up the Eureka building

A trip around the city on a tram!

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Dax has pretty well summed it up for you, but I'd be tempted to suggest a stroll through the east end of Rundle Street in the city itself (Adelaide) to let your mum and dad see how safe and relaxed the lifestyle is here in Australia.

8 weeks' time puts that in December with the Christmas shopping in full swing, so expect to sit out at one of the many cafes and restaurants on just about any evening. The time of day should be cooler then and just right to sit outside and watch all the city people strolling past on their way to do late night shopping, etc.

That ought to be a contrast for your folks compared to South Africa.

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Can't wait to see Adelaide... we have friends thinking of immigrating there next year so we will have to take notes :lol:

Thanks Mara for the Melbourne info.

Thanks Bob, my folks are going to be thrilled with the lifestyle in Oz, I am actually hoping to convince them to live here permanently... Wish me luck :ilikeit:

Anybody with suggestions for Sydney???



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Hi Parsons Family

I forgot there is one more item for Melbourne, it is an absolute must do.... coffee with Mara and Lovell in Sunbury

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Hi Mara

I would love that.... I need to pick your brains about life in Melbourne.

I will pm you closer to the time and we can meet up for a coffee in one of the hundreds of cafes in Melbourne... My Treat :ilikeit:

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Eish, that would not show our Melbourne 'gasvryheid' so you are invited for a braai, with the parents, we will make it lunch time, then we have the whole afternoon and evening to chatter about life in Melbourne. Howzat?

I have sent you a pm with my contact details.

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