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AussieMum: mum from Ellenbrook


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Hi Maggie,

Thanks for sending details of this forum to Cath... Nice to have met you yesterday

My name is Raquel... new to this website as of a few minutes ago... Im also living in Ellenbrook, have been here for 4 years now... I have 3 kids (8, 2 & 5 months old).

I would love to meet up with other Saffers in Ellenbrook ( I do believe there are quite a few of us )... I was thinking of starting a SA Mothers group last year, but after falling pregnant with my 3rd it became abit to tiring to think of organinising anything :thumbdown:

Anyway just wanted to introduce myself to everyone...

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Hi Aussiemum

well well Ellenbrook is growing... :thumbdown: Within a few days we are like about 4 or 5 from Ellenbrook....cool.

Welcome to you here and hope we see you around.

I have 2 daughters aged 8 and nearly 4 and the next daughter will make her grand entrance in about 8 weeks, maybe earlier.

Is your 8yr old in Ellenbrook primary (yr3)...our kids might be in same class. Now that I think of it, there is a SA boy in my daughters class. :thumbdown: Maybe our kids know each other already....I tell you the world can be a small but funny place. ;)



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Hi Lindy-Lee,

Thanks for the welcome...

My son goes to Arbor Grove Primary... He also has a SA girl in his class, but I have met her mum and she has a little brother...

You must be excited, not long to go till you have your baby...

There are quite a few of us here already, we should arranged a coffee sometime...

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