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The Power of the Fire

Guest mauritz

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Guest mauritz

Last night when everything was quiet - the heavens so clear, one can touch the stars - that hyena came again. The milky way looked liked a bank of clouds. My mind confused - a storm in the making.

When is this 'thing' going to leave me - this hyena going to stop following me????? Is this the void Chris Rimmer talks about? The Roots of Africa - why is it always contracting - the pull never stops.

I'm standing outside - on nights like these I never drink - I've learned that drinking the hyena away is the same as feeding him. I'm not going to ignore him, him that's circling me in the dark - he is so close tonight, I can feel him, smell him. I watch my back, but I keep my back straight - he only takes the weak - I can never show weakness. I'm not going to recall all those memories that was good - not tonight, I'm not going to listen to loud music - he'll just wait patiently outside, that is his game. I'm going to face him, like I always do.

I walk to my special place on my little piece of dirt and I slowly make a fire - tonight I sit on the ground - I want to feel those roots pulling - I want to be close to my roots. The start of that small flame is energy - raw energy that shoots straight to the roots of your brain - that primal part of your being - the core - the place where everyone and everything is the same. Slowly, by staring at that little flame, I get connected through the heavens and those roots to the deeper core of the earth. I know by experience I have that same look in my eyes - the look I saw as a child in the eyes of the Africans and Bushman - on a quiet night in the heart of Africa, staring at a small fire.

I know now where you are hyena, I know what you are and why you are there. I'm not afraid anymore - you're just a laughing animal with a funny walk. I even like your laugh in the middle of the night. The rhythmic contractions of those roots that gave birth to the rhythm of the African drum - makes me feel alive tonight.

I know what is wrong with me, I know how to fix it. I've been running around in circles for months now - 'making a living' - the modern way of creating that 'thing', disappearing into that vacuum, loosing contact with my roots.

Tomorrow I'm going to take my bow, light pack and my ugly hairy dog - I'm going to walk and walk - build little fires. I'm going to watch the deer, the rabbits and those feral pigs. I'm going to touch the grass, the leaves and sleep on the bed of Mother Earth. I'm going to cleanse my soul.

I am a man of Africa - a true African, a man of this world. I'm going to say my say - right or wrong. I'm going to fight that 'thing' - stay in touch with my roots.

Again, it is great to be alive. Great to be able to make a difference.

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